Internal Financial Support

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Internal Financial Support

Internal Donor Awards
Graduate students are encouraged to apply for any of the awards and scholarships for which they are eligible. To be eligible to apply for internal awards, scholarships and bursaries, graduate students must be registered as a full-time student.  There are two deadlines per year one in October and one in February.

Spirit of Brock Medal
The Graduate Student Spirit of Brock medal is awarded Brock's Convocation ceremonies. The medal, presented by Brock's Board of Trustees, recognizes the academic excellence, leadership and community service of a graduating student from a master's or doctoral program. We invite faculty members to encourage students, who they feel best exemplify these qualities, to apply for the award through the Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid.

Click here for more details about the award and the application.

The President's Surgite Award
The President's Surgite Award is intended to recognize those students who have been outstanding in one or more of the following areas:

  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership in a student club, organization, association or team.
  • Did something exceptional that helped to advance Brock's academic reputation.
  • Made a significant contribution to student life at Brock.
  • Provided a valuable service to Brock or the broader community.

The President's Surgite Award will be awarded to ten recipients annually and will include a Certificate of Recognition. 7 Awards will be presented to Undergraduate Students and 3 Awards will be presented Graduate students. A student can only win a Surgite Award once. Students must have a minimum of 10.0 credits and should only include involvement while they have been studying at Brock.

Applications for the President's Surgite Awards are accepted January 1 through February 10 at 4:30 pm. Original signed applications are due February 10, 2014 by 4:30 pm at Student Awards & Financial Aid, Schmon Tower 402. Complete or part applications as well as faxed, emailed, electronic or late portions will not be accepted. Only original signed applications are accepted, no exceptions. If you are utilizing courier services to send: a complete, original, signed application, consider the travel and internal delivery time of the application. If the application is being sent by courier, give at least 1 week for it to arrive at its final destination at Brock.

Application forms are available at (MS Word).