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Intellectual Property

 Intellectual Property
The University has two documents that address student created intellectual property. One is the Policy on Integrity in Research and Scholarship a copy of which is currently housed in Appendix B of the Brock-BUFA Collective Agreement:

The other is the guideline on Ownership of Student-Created Intellectual Property which is housed in section III, subsection 23 of the Faculty Handbook:

It is the responsibility of the student (undergraduate or graduate), research assistant or post doctoral fellow, to read and familiarize themselves with all Brock University policies and guidelines, including the two outlined above.

For more information on intellectual property, graduate students are encouraged to read "A Guide to Intellectual Property for Graduate Students and Post doctoral Scholars" published by the Canadian Association for Graduate Students a copy of which can be found at:


Graduate Student Intellectual Property Form and IP Checklist
All graduate students must read and familiarize themselves with the intellectual property policies and guidelines of the University. In addition, the Policy on Integrity in Research and Scholarship requires graduate students and their graduate supervisors to sign an Intellectual Property Form indicating their agreement with the University policies and guidelines or indicating any specific arrangements that have been that differ from these policies and guidelines.

Further, Graduate Studies encourages all graduate students to have a conversation with their graduate supervisor about intellectual property in an attempt to navigate any potential intellectual property issues in advance. Graduate Studies has created an IP Checklist to help students begin a conversation with their graduate supervisors about intellectual property matters.