Research Café I Nov. 2012

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Research Café I Nov. 2012

Mapping Your Future

A panel discussion about the journey from graduate studies to careers and the opportunities and challenges along the way.

Graduate students can expect that their careers will take them in many directions. Recent statistics indicate that whether by circumstance, necessity or choice, a working life will involve as many as seven job changes.

A panel of speakers shared experiences and advice on the career decisions they have made and a professor of psychology discussed the stress factors when changes occur in life.


• Philip Wright, Associate Vice-President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, went from lecturing about the great thinkers of our time as a professor of Philosophy to working in the world of high-tech.
Watch his presentation.

• Ashley Short, Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara, was looking forward to a teaching career but changed the course of her career plans after graduating with an MA in Child and Youth Studies.
Watch her presentation.

• Don Cyr, Interim Dean, Goodman School of Business, and Associate Professor of Finance, commenced his career as a uranium exploration geologist with a BSc in Geology. Ultimately he completed a Masters in Economics and PhD in Finance.
Watch his presentation.

• Cameron Muir, an Associate Professor of Psychology, studies the effects of stress on one’s physiological, psychological, and emotional health, and the mechanisms and strategies of coping with stress.
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• Alan Rigby is a Canadian Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist who operates clinics in Niagara. He recently began his doctoral studies in Applied Health Sciences with a research focus on improving patient care and scientific understanding in his field.
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The presentation was the first event in 2012-13 Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference lineup organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in partnership with the Graduate Students’ Association and Brock Research.

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