Social Justice and Equity Studies – MA

Master of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies

“The interdisciplinary nature of the Social Justice and Equity Studies program prepared me for my current position in community development and education. I was able to align the causes I strongly believe in with my formal studies and also participate in a three-month internship and conduct fieldwork abroad.”
-- Erin Kaipainen (MA 2006)

Brock is the only university in Canada to offer an MA program in Social Justice and Equity Studies. It is an exceptional program for students who want to be part of finding solutions to problems that plague society.

From our local communities to countries around the world, students pursue their interests in social issues such as homelessness, poverty, women’s rights, and educational development. Their education and training provides them with the abilities to interpret issues and to recommend policies and actions as advocates of social justice and equity.

Scholars from across several Faculties -- Social Sciences, Humanities, Applied Health Sciences and Education -- provide an impressive breadth and diversity of knowledge of local, national and global perspectives. Many of the faculty members are affiliated with local, provincial and national organizations and their activities facilitate exciting research opportunities for students.

Graduates from the program go on to pursue doctoral studies or to contribute as policy makers and consultants to social advocacy organizations as well as for community-based social groups or units.

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