Increasing Capacity to Achieve
Millennium Development Goal # 6 in Honduras:
Combating Infectious Diseases

The Teasdale-Corti Honduras Canada Project through the Master's Program in Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases co-sponsored the:

VI Biennial NeTropica Meeting 2012: "Research Without Borders"

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Meeting Description

One more time, NeTropica is proud to sponsor a scientific meeting where Central American and other international researchers can benefit from a stimulating space –both intellectually and geographically speaking- to engage in meaningful exchanges regarding endemic and emerging tropical diseases that prevail in the region. NeTropica has organized five bi-annual international scientific meetings, which have been held in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua. The sixth biennial meeting took place in Copan, Honduras and was organized and hosted by the MSc Program in Infectious and Zoonotic diseases (MEIZ) of the School of Microbiology, National Autonomous University of Honduras.

The Meeting was scheduled for July 25-27, 2012 and took place in the legendary city of Copan Ruins (Ruinas de Copán) located in Western Honduras. The venue of the Meeting was Hotel Clarion Posada Real ( just minutes away from one of the most important archaeological sites of the Mayan civilization.

As usual, the purpose of the Meeting was to promote science and research networks in and for Central America, with the participation of scientists and other stakeholders from the region and from different parts of the world.

Topics discussed at the Meeting were:

1. Specific topics:

• Endemic and Emerging Infectious, Vector-borne Diseases and Zoonoses

• Environmental, Industrial, Food and Water Microbiology

• Non-infectious tropical diseases

• Infectious etiology of chronic conditions (e.g., cancer)

2. Broader topics:

• Millennium Development Goals

• Global Health and One Health

• Strengthening Health Research

• Research Systems and Networks


Also, discussions held at the Meeting aimed at planning future activities and consolidate new alliances to assure NeTropica’s sustainability so it can continue supporting ongoing and future research initiatives.

It has been said that infectious and other tropical diseases know no boundaries. Research should know no borders either. Research as a public good is central to the development of nations, and scientists must work together in the search for collective answers to collective problems.

When knowledge generated by research is shared and transferred through networks –both physical and virtual-, it is not just replicated but expanded and transformed: it becomes a powerful catalyst for development, for healthier people and healthier societies.


Organization Committee

General Coordinator

Gustavo Fontecha, Ph.D. (National Autonomous University of Honduras)

Organizing Committee:

Lourdes Enríquez, M.Sc. (National Autonomous University of Honduras)

Maritza Canales, M.Sc. (National Autonomous University of Honduras)

Annabelle Ferrera, Ph.D. (National Autonomous University of Honduras)

Scientific Committee:

Ana Lourdes Sánchez, Ph.D (Brock University, Canada)

Esteban Cháves, Ph.D. (NeTropica, University of Costa Rica)

María Elena Bottazzi, Ph.D (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)