Increasing Capacity to Achieve
Millennium Development Goal # 6 in Honduras:
Combating Infectious Diseases

The Teasdale-Corti Project and other projects on Global Health led by Professor Ana Sanchez have received remarkable attention and praise by both the media and funding agencies.

May 2007, Reception
The Honduran team from UNAH and UNA travelled to Brock University in May 2007 for a workshop in Research Methodology and to celebrate the success of the Teasdale Corti Team Grant. Maria E. Bottazzi from George Washington University was also in attendance. A formal reception was hosted by Jack Lightstone, Brock's President and Vice-Chancellor; Terry Boak, Brock's Vice-President, Academic and Provost; Sheila Young, Director, Brock International; John Corlett, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences; and John Hay, Chair of the Department of Community Health Science.

August 23, 2009

Dr. Gustavo Fontecha, Teasdale-Corti team member was featured in La Tribuna (The Tribune), one of the most influential newspapers in Honduras.