• This Week In Niagara… December 5th, 2014


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    With classes complete and exam time in full swing, campus is filled with quiet focus, anxious chatter, and a lot of sweatpants! This can be a stressful time of year with final papers due, cramming to be done and all with the thought that the holiday break is just around the corner.

    I hope that in all of this, whether a student, or not, everyone can find some time for balance. The stresses of the season can come in many forms and all that “hustle and bustle” can leave us feeling drained when really, we all have good things in our lives, large or small, to find a moment to celebrate. To help find balance, and to appreciate the joys in life, here are some things happening this week to take advantage of in our amazing region:

    • Candlelight Stroll, Niagara-on-the-Lake (Queen Street) – Friday, December 5 at 6:00pm. Participate in this guided stroll winding through the historical town, accompanied by local choirs singing carols, and other seasonal entertainment. Stop in the shops that line the main street to pick up a gift or smell and tastes the goodies of the season!
    • Christmas by the Falls, Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls – Saturday and Sunday, December 6 & 7 from 10:00am-5:00pm ($5 entrance fee). Catch over 100 vendors with items including, arts and crafts, baking, clothing, jewelry, purses and accessories, cookware, specialty foods, bath and body products, and much more! See chocolate demonstrations, experience hairstyling on-site and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
    • Fireworks at the Falls – Go see the Falls and also catch fireworks displays every Friday evening at 9pm (December 5, 12 and 19) before it gets kicked into high gear with shows at 9pm nightly December 22-26.
    • Winter Festival of Lights – Visit Niagara Falls and drive from the bottom of Clifton Hill past the falls to Dufferin Island and beyond for a great lightshow experience! Join more than 1.5 visitors that take this spectacle in every year and see millions of lights displayed creatively as part of this festival tradition that has been a staple for more than 30 years. There is no admission cost, but donations are appreciated.

    Remember: studies show that our minds need breaks in order to stay alert, productive, and to process the information coming in, so all the more reason to schedule in some time for fun! Best wishes to students as you finish your semester, and don’t forget to take some time away from studying to #ExploreNiagara and relax.

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  • This Week In Niagara… November 28th, 2014


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    With the end of classes just about here, this weekend being the American Thanksgiving holiday, and the holidays quickly approaching, it can only mean one thing – SHOPPING!

    Over the last couple of years, Canada has slowly started joining American stores of their Thanksgiving weekend to offer sales to shoppers. This has been picking up and this year, sales are at their best yet! Whether it’s electronics or clothing, something you need to replace at home or have been waiting for a sale to buy, or just getting prepared for holiday gift-giving in advance, now is the time to get out to malls and stores to take advantage of great deals!

    Shopping highlights this week:

    • The Pen Centre – the four day sale lasts from Thursday-Sunday, November 30 with stores having deals up to 50% or even 70% off items. Visit the website for extended mall hours Friday and Saturday, and if you spend $100 or more, stop by the guest services area with your receipts to win additional great prizes
    • Go on-line – many of the big-box stores are having great on-line sales includes “Cyber Monday” (December 1st) as a great day to score a deal on-line. Watch for free shipping and/or returns and do this from the comfort of your couch!
    • The Outlet Collection at Niagara – our brand new outlets are also hosting sales this Friday! The “Black Friday One Day Wonder” begins at 7am with the first 200 shoppers receiving a $10 gift card. All shoppers can also have a chance to win a $25,000 shopping spree by texting in the key word displayed at Guest Services located by the Tim Horton’s.

    Enjoy this festive shopping weekend and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • This Week In Niagara… November 14th, 2014


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    With snow softly falling, the seasons are shifting and with this come plenty of great events that happen in Niagara throughout the winter months. Take some time to get out and experience these annual favourites, do some shopping, or just relax in the positive, festive atmosphere.

    Coming up this weekend are:

    • Thorold Christmas Arts & Craft Show – Saturday & Sunday, November 15 & 16 from 10am-4pm at Thorold Secondary School (St. David’s Rd. at Ormond St. North, Thorold). Join more than 80+ juried artists and artisans at this popular event and find everything from stained glass, jewelry, clothing, original art and woodwork, metal art, toys, home décor, baking and sweet treats and more. Admission is $2 and all proceeds support Thorold Secondary School.
    • Handmade Market – Friday – Sunday, November 14-16 from 11am-4pm daily at Honsberger Estate in Jordan, ON (4060 Jordan Rd. – 1 minute from Jordan Village. Park and take free shuttle). Find 7000 sq. ft. of covered outdoor space with 80+ artisan vendors featuring artisans offering: jewellery, hand-sewn bags, fashion accessories, preserves, natural bath + body products, original art, home decor, leather goods, hand bound books, live music, wine and beer by the glass and more! Also enjoy fresh baked pizzas from Honsberger’s outdoor wood fired pizza oven.

    Have a great week getting out for some unique experiences in the region and #ExploreNiagara.

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  • This Week In Niagara… November 6th, 2014


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    This week let’s keep it simple and focus on one thing this week: kindness. It really is that easy.

    This is one of my favourite times of the year to be living in Niagara, as I find the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAK) uplifting. Here are the details of the day and an additional event happening in Niagara you may want to check out:

    • Random Acts of Kindness Day in Niagara: Friday, November 7th and beyond! With today being Random Acts of Kindness Day across Niagara, happiness and positivity is radiating on the campus and beyond. It doesn’t need to take much time or cost anything to do something nice for another, a stranger or friend alike. Take a moment today to do something nice or pay it forward! Don’t forget to use #rakday #rakdayniagara or post to the Facebook link above with what you did for someone else or what someone may have done for you!
    • Hernder 20th Annual Craft Show: Friday – Sunday, November 7-9 from 10am-5pm daily. Check out two floors of vendors, wine tasting, homemade goodies such as strudel, fudge, gourmet pizzas, meats, and jams and jellies, stain glass, sewing, knit sweaters, purses, floral, Christmas items and decorations, painted glassware, jewelry, soy candles and much more! In lieu of admission, help a local family with non-perishable food items or a donation to Community Care (this could be a random act of kindness you do for the community!).

    Remember, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

    Have a great week and #ExploreNiagara!

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  • 20 Cheap and Easy Random Acts of Kindness

    Being Better Banner

    Written by: Alyssa Berardocco

    It’s the time of the year that every university student dreads…midterms, writing papers, and getting sick (to name a few), but these shouldn’t prevent us from being nice to one another or performing random acts of kindness. Here are a few ideas to make the world a better place, one random act of kindness at a time.

    1. Bring a box of Timbits (or leftover Halloween candy) to your seminar (especially the early morning ones).
    2. “Like” photos on Instagram or status updates on Facebook and leave positive comments.
    3. Take out your headphones and start a conversation with a person on the bus.
    4. Call someone you love and thank them for everything they’ve done for you.
    5. Send your friend a cute meme. (Hint, hint)
    6. Save a life, donate blood.
    7. Wash the dirty dishes in your sink. (You’ve seen how busy your roommates are; why not lend a helping hand?)
    8. Buy a bag of chips or a chocolate bar from a vending machine on campus but leave it for the next person.
    9. Donate your old clothes to a local homeless shelter.
    10. Pick up trash and throw it out in the appropriate receptacles.
    11. Share study notes for a midterm or exam on one of the “Brock Class of ____” Facebook groups.
    12. Return your empties and donate the money you collect.
    13. Ask your friend “how are you?” and actually listen.
    14. Open doors (or press the automatic button) for people walking behind you.
    15. Let someone butt you in line.
    16. Tell a lame joke. Knock, knock…
    17. Say yes to donating $1 to whichever cause your local grocery store is supporting.
    18. Compliment a complete stranger, just because!
    19. Smile! It’s contagious. :)
    20. Be kind to YOURSELF! It’s alright to splurge on a nice meal at a restaurant, a new shirt, or even a manicure.


    Spread a little love tomorrow for #RAKDayNiagara and pass on the positivity.

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  • Exchange Your World: Liam


    Written by: Cate Talaue

    One of the greatest things about Brock is how open they are about expanding your education. If you’re the type of person that can’t be tied down to one place for long, or maybe you’d like to sink your feet into a different country for the experience, than the International Exchange program is something you’ll want to check out!

    Brock has partnered with many schools around the globe that students may choose from depending on their interests and major. With many students having already taken the leap abroad through this program, Brock has expanded their partnerships to better accommodate their students to schools such as the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.

    Fourth-year English and Political Sciences student Liam Campbell participated in this program and travelled to Griffith University in Australia during the 2013-2014 winter semester, with excursions to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Nova Scotia following his stay down under.

    Relive his experiences and highlights through the following Prezi:

    On Thursday, November 6th, Brock is hosting an International Exchange Fair in Guernsey Marketplace from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with many booths around the perimeter for students to visit to learn more about the different partner schools and what they can expect. To learn more about other students’ experiences abroad, pick up a copy of this week’s issue from The Brock Press or visit the Opinion section online.


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  • BrockU Talks – Take Two!

    Being Better Banner

    Written by: Manchari Paranthahan

    BrockU Talks FB Cover Photo

    BrockU Talks started last year as an on-campus, student-led mini-conference for people passionate about anything and everything. This conference lets speakers share their passions to a crowd that is eager to listen. After a successful launch last year, the second BrockU Talks event will be taking place on November 19th 2014 at 5:00p.m. – 8:00p.m. in Pond Inlet.

    Aiming to motivate and inspire change in and around the Brock and Niagara communities, BrockU Talks is changing things up this year by making it much easier for students to get involved. This year’s event will feature groups from across campus with booths at the event to inform you of ways that you can be a part of this inspiring community. This year’s event will undoubtedly be bigger and better than the last!

    BrockU Talks lets people share their stories and talk about absolutely anything that gets them excited about their lives. Speakers are encouraged to come out and speak about their experiences and their time at Brock with an audience waiting for inspiration. BrockU Talks is more than just a conference, but an experience that sticks with you.

    Get ready for BrockU Talks – take two! Make sure to sign up to attend the event at tinyurl.com/brockutalks-nov19.

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  • This Week In Niagara… October 31st, 2014


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    I hope you’re feeling the Halloween spirit during this lively day on campus! I am always amazed by how much fun there is to have when you make candy a regular part of a day’s celebration.

    In a very short time span so far today I’ve had a lot of festive things happen:

    • An early-morning bike ride as part of the United Way’s Spin-a-Thon fundraiser, which of course was done in full costume (the costume, “biker chick” – so clever! I can’t take any credit for the however as the amazing students I work with on campus came up with this one)!
    • This was followed by some food donation activity as part of the Trick or Eat initiative happening this evening (all are welcome to attend or donate to Community Care).
    • The children from the campus day care center just paraded by, roaring in their lion and t-rex costumes, followed by pretty princesses, police officers and monkeys (monkey noises were of course included).
    • I took a trip to the Welcome Desk where the coolest pumpkin is on display (I am a bit Badger-biased, but I think it’s worth a trip in person to see!)

    badger pumpkin

    With this happening, it’s a nice break from the daily flow of life on campus and reminds me to enjoy all the little things, even on days when there doesn’t seem to be time.

    On this note, I’d like to share something awesome that’s coming up throughout the Niagara Region that every single one of us can be part of without having to plan, go anywhere, spend any money, or take much time – Random Acts of Kindness!

    This is a one-day annual event across Niagara that is taking place on Friday, November 7th. Random acts of kindness can include a myriad of options (see some great suggestions here). You can do something kind for a friend or stranger alike, participate in little stations that will be popping up around campus, or go raking in the neighbourhoods surrounding Brock to help those who could use a hand. This also doesn’t have to be contained to just one day! While it would be great to take some time this week to think about how you might like to be part of this movement next Friday, I would say our world could use more random kindness any day of the year. Take a moment and pay it forward! #RAKDayNiagara

    Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • 5 Halloween Costumes on a University Student Budget

    Written by: Cate Talaue

    Are you tight for time and money for a costume? Have you worn those cat ears or toga sheets for too many years in a row? Are you tired of seeing over-done costumes at parties?

    Well, good news!

    Not only are you going to be the show-stopper of the night with these Halloween costumes on a budget tips, but you’re going to save that extra $5 or $10 to use towards having the time of your life.

    1. “I totally forgot I had this!”

    We’ve all had one of these moments, whether you were rifling through your dark, dusty attic, conquering a messy closet, or you happened to clean your bedroom so you could finally see the floor. Believe it or not, there are pieces of clothing and accessories that you already own that you can use to make-shift your own creative costume. Got a yellow shirt, some overalls, a red scrunchy or ribbon and a stuffed unicorn to spare? (Well, at least the first three) Boom! You’re Agnes from Despicable Me. Go through your parents’ closet, your sister or brother, or even your grandmothers’ closet to find an item that will surely inspire a potential costume. You may be wearing regular clothes but accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, and you will look like the real deal.
    Cost: $0


    2. Pop culture references are always a good time
    There have been many ups and downs in the world of popular culture and there surely hasn’t been a shortage of mental/emotional breakdowns, scandals and down-right embarrassing incidents in 2014. There can never be one too many references to Miley Cyrus’ life in the spotlight from her performance at the MMVA’s and her scandalous music videos but there are more celebrities out there that can be spoofed on Halloween – including Rob Ford. That’s right, everyone. Dressing up as former Toronto mayor Rob Ford is simple and directly related to the tip above. Put on a suit and tie (you could always borrow one, too!), wear a partial bald cap (can be found at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, Value Village or if you’re feeling rich, Spirit Halloween) to imitate his receding hair line and stuff the shirt up a little bit. I suggest slapping on a pin that says ‘VOTE FORD’ so that everyone gets the gist of what spectacular comedic message you’re trying to send.
    Cost: $0 to $8


    3. Hunger has taken over
    Students’ relationship with food is sacred. So, dressing up as food is a grape idea. It’s easy, it’s perfect and all you need are a bag of balloons, some clear but strong tape, and a large, clear garbage bag. There are two ways to execute these costumes – after you blow up the balloons, of course. Wear a green shirt, tape green balloons of various size to your shirt, buy a crown of vine leaves for the top of your head (can be found at the dollar store) and voila! You are now a bunch of grapes. Don’t like the color green? You also have the option of being the red or purple kind. Fair warning: stay away from sharp objects. If that doesn’t suit your taste buds, put your body in a large, clear garbage bag – be sure to make arm holes on the side and a hole for your head at the top. Stuff as many blown up colorful balloons as possible into the bag and tie if off around your waist. Haven’t guessed what you are yet? Maybe once you tape the Jelly Belly logo on the front, you’ll realize how sweet this costume is!

    Cost: $1 to $5



    4. Fit for all coffee, Frappuccino and latte lovers alike

    This one is surely to capture the attention of all Starbucks goers. This is another costume when the dollar store becomes your best friend. White shirt? Check. Brown felt? Check. White head band? Got it. White pillow case (or a bunch of white cloth)? Check. Starbucks logo fresh out of the color printer? Quadruple check. Empty paper towel role painted green? Done. Secure the brown felt evenly around your waist (or glue it, if you have no personal attachment to the white shirt) and paste the Starbucks logo onto the brown felt. Bunch the pillowcase or cloth together and fasten it to the headband with glue or by tying it (this works better with only a small amount of fabric) then glue the green-painted paper towel role within the bunchy-ness. Show up at the party and everyone will be thinking the same thing – “I could go for one of those right now.”

    Cost: $1 to $10


    5. “Wait; let me get the rest of my crew. It’ll make sense, then.”

    Group costumes are as easy and versatile as you can get. Rummaging through your attic and closet is one thing, but bringing a bunch of people together to use old clothes and accessories, and working together as a unit to be one fantastic squad, is another. The Scooby-Doo clan, the Spice Girls, Barbie’s (or Ken’s), Teletubbies, Care Bears, the women from Bridesmaids, the men from Hangover 1,2 and 3, crayons, the Mean Girls, the cast from Orange is the New Black, ER, or The Big Bang Theory, the Blue Man group, Men in Black, minions from Despicable Me, or if you’re feeling extra creative, different Tetris pieces so you and your friends can look as put-together as the guys below! Between you and your friends, the pieces used in any of these costumes can be made from scrap pieces, printed from the computer, or found in at least one person’s closet making these costumes cost a total of… drum roll please…
    Cost: $0


    Halloween only comes once a year and it always manages to sneak up on us. But as students on a budget, we can surely put a fun costume together with what we already have on hand. Think of all the things you’ve made with the little food in your house – you’ve made it work then, and you can rock the party (or Trick or Eat) now. Remember: have fun responsibly, kids.

    Happy Halloween!

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  • BrockSLS2014: From Participant to Presenter


    Written by: Kelsey Kavanagh

    Last November I attended Brock’s Student Leadership Summit for the second time. I was so impressed with the Summit the first time around that I had to come back and do it all again!

    The day kicked-off with a keynote speaker who blew me away and set the tone for the inspiring presenters that followed. As the presentations began I encountered the most difficult part of my day, deciding between which awesome workshops to attend! They all sounded great so it was hard to pick which ones suited me best, but luckily I wasn’t disappointed by any of my choices. Each workshop I attended filled me with inspiration that was contagious…everyone was beaming! The insight I gained from my fellow student’s experiences was also really helpful. Not only was I learning more about these students, but I was also learning a lot about myself in the process. The workshops I attended encouraged me to reflect on my personal and professional goals while also providing me with the necessary steps to accomplish them. A few of the presenters even helped me discover some new goals in both my personal and professional life that I’d never thought about before.

    The highlight of my entire day would have to be the team building workshop, which consisted of building a high structure out of spaghetti and tape. This was such a fun exercise as I got the opportunity to work as a team with some new and old friends and learn some skills along the way. By the end of the day I felt as though I was ready to conquer the world! I had such an amazing time at the Summit that I’ve decided to be a presenter this year!

    If you are interested in meeting new people, discovering your personal leadership style, and ignite personal and professional growth, and having fun, I highly recommend that you join me and take part in this inspirational day!

    For more information about the 2014 Brock Student Leadership Summit, visit ExperienceBU!

    BrockSLS14 Poster

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