• 5 Tips for a Successful Course Registration

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    Written by: Laura Sebben

    Course registration is often one of the most stressful times in the school year, with panic setting in over what courses you have to take, and if/when you’ll get them. In anticipation for what is sure to be another exciting year, here are 5 tips for a successful (and hopefully easy) course registration:


    1. Registration Dates
    Pay close attention to registration dates. If you mix up your days, you might miss out on having first pick of the classes you wish to take, leaving you to settle for alternates. Brock bases their registration dates by the number of credits a student has, so if you’re unsure check out your program status in your Brock portal. The list of registration dates can be found here: http://www.brocku.ca/registrar/guides-and-timetable/returning-students/whentoregister

    2. Look at the Undergraduate/Graduate Calendar
    Brock’s program specific undergraduate/graduate calendars are designed to help students fulfill all their program requirements with ease, so use them! They offer a detailed list of which courses to take in which year, and also come with a list of potential courses in your program along with a description (however, don’t rely too heavily on these as they may not all be offered year to year). The undergraduate calendar can be found here: http://www.brocku.ca/webcal/undergrad/, graduate calendar here: https://www.brocku.ca/webcal/current/graduate

    3. Course Planning/Timetable Worksheets
    Brock offers a course planning option in your Brock portal that allows you to see which courses are being offered in your program, along with their section and time. Choosing your courses from here will lower the risk of accidentally picking ones that aren’t available come registration day. As well, while you use course planning, create a makeshift schedule using one of the worksheets Brock provides online, found here: https://brocku.ca/registrar/guides-and-timetable/returning-students/resources. This will lower the risk of course conflicts, and help with visualizing where you can and cannot fit courses.

    4. Have backups!
    Choosing backup courses is one of the most important things you can do when planning for course registration, especially Years 3 and on. No matter how much advanced planning you do, one cannot always predict if someone else will beat you to a course during registration. Having backup options preselected will prevent a panicked scramble if one of your main courses fills up before you get to it. This way, you can see where/if something else fits based on your list of backups.

    5. Get a good night sleep
    And finally, make sure you get a good night sleep so you can wakeup prepared. Set your alarm about half an hour before 6am (course registration time), and with a good sleep you won’t have to worry about oversleeping or hitting snooze one too many times.

    Brock’s registration system isn’t difficult to use, and with proper planning and preparation, any Badger can guarantee themselves a successful course registration!

    Laura Sebben is one of the members on our Student Life Bloggers team. She is currently in her third-year studying Media & Communication Studies. She is from Stoney Creek, Ontario.

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  • This Week in Niagara…June 26, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    It’s hard to believe that Canada Day is right around the corner already! With that, summer is in full swing and there is plenty happening in our region:

    $15 admission gets you into the unique outdoor theatre, a glass of wine with souvenir glass, and a large bag of popcorn!  Gates open at 8:30pm with the movie at 9:30.

    • Concerts on the Canal – this Friday (tonight) kicks off this year’s Concert on the Canal series in Welland at the Merritt Park Amphitheatre (115 King St.), which is a free concert series taking place every second Friday until Friday, September 4. Visit the site for the musical genre featured each Friday (everything from Bob Marley to bluegrass and Juno winners to up and coming local artists).
    • CiderFest – Friday and Saturday, June 26 (5-9pm) and Saturday (1-9pm) at Puddicombe Estate Farms & Winery (1468 Highway #8, Winona): Check out this country music, BBQ and cider festival featuring wine and craft beer, local food trucks, and a great line up of musical guests! Sir Isaac’s premium pear cider is a must-try for us Brock folks. J
    • Flavours – Saturday and Sunday, June 27 & 28 from 11:00am-10:00pm at HH Knoll Lakeview Park in Port Colborne (free): Enjoy live music, food trucks/vendors along with a variety of craft beer and wine vendors as part of a great outdoor festival on the waterfront – bring your lawn chair!
    • Art Crawl – Downtown Port Colborne, Saturday, June 27th from 5:00-11:00pm. For the fifth year, check out an “art invasion” as more than 100 visual and performance artists fill the downtown and pack a three-block area sectioned off for the event with all forms of art – painters, sketchers, sculptors, photographers, musicians, dancers and choirs! This year double the artists are anticipated and all are welcome to check out the scene as stores, banks, restaurants and services agencies stay open late or offer window space for the artists!
    • Earth & Sky Film Nights @ Chateau Des Charmes Winery: Tuesday, June 30th Film: Boychoir                           Doors open at 7:30pm, film begins at dusk with gourmet snacks available along with wine by the glass (1025 York Rd., NOTL)
    • Earth & Sky Music Market – Wednesday, July 1 from 12:00-6:00pm – Food trucks, wine, musicians and artisan vendors gather at Chateau Des Charmes Winery. This rain or shine event is free!


    July 1st Canada Day Celebrations: 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada!

    • Market Square, St. Catharines “Canada Day Family Street Party” (downtown farmer’s market location, King St.) 11:00am-5:00pm: live music, games and activities, food and beverages.
    • Port Dalhousie Canada Day Celebrations & Fireworks Display(at the harbor) 11:00am-10:00pm: midway rides and one of the summer’s largest fireworks displays on the shores of Lake Ontario (fireworks take place at 10:00pm, but go early to get a good spot!)
    • Thorold Citizenship Ceremony and Fireworks (Battle of Beaverdams Park): Join in the citizenship ceremony at 1:00pm, followed by free Canada Day cupcakes at 2:00pm. Stick around for food trucks, local vendors and fireworks at 10:15pm!
    • Niagara Falls* Parade, Fireworks and Day Activities – parade at 11am and fireworks at 10:00pm at the falls, but a huge amount of other activities and entertainment happening throughout the day (concert series, 5km run, food demonstrations, extreme sports, etc.).
    • Niagara-on-the-Lake Simcoe Park Canada Day Celebration – begin the day with a pancake breakfast courtesy of the Rotary Club in the park at 8am, followed by a BBQ lunch available at 12:00pm. Along the main street (Queen St.) at 3:00pm is a highlight of the day featuring the “Giant Cakewalk Parade” lead by the 41st Regiment Fife & Drum Corps, which will accompany the cake back to Simcoe Park where it will be sliced and served (free). The cake is a spectacular site to see, and provided annually by Willow Cakes & Pastries. Also check out Fort George, which is free to the public on Canada Day from 10am-10pm and features fireworks at 10pm!


    *This festival was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 festivals in Canada! Check the list for other great festivals and events to take part in!


    Enjoy getting out to #ExploreNiagara, tweet your comments and photos as you explore and Happy Canada Day!

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  • Exploring Both Sides with Student Life

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    Angela Mott – Community Outreach & Service-Learning Coordinator
    Fourth-Year Geography student
    St. Catharines, Ontario

    What is your passion?
    People, positivity and Niagara’s natural beauty

    How has your University experience shaped who you are?
    It has allowed me to re-connect with my roots and appreciate the little things in life.

    Where do you see yourself in the next year?
    I hope to be continuing my education at Brock in a Masters program.


    Cate Talaue – Marketing Coordinator
    BA ’15
    Fifth-Year Media & Communications student
    Stoney Creek, Ontario

    What is your passion?
    Empowering women, creating new relationships, volunteerism and writing. I love meeting new people, hearing and sharing their stories while providing them with opportunities and resources to continue growing as unique individuals.

    How has your University experience shaped who you are?
    I have become more of a leader than I thought I ever could be all because of the community that Brock has fostered. This community has encouraged me to stay true to who I am and pushed me to reach my highest potential.

    Where do you see yourself in the next year?
    Pursuing a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications while continuing my work as an active volunteer in the community.

    Olivia_FinalOlivia Hubert – Events & Volunteer Coordinator
    Fourth-Year Nursing student
    St. Catharines, Ontario

    What is your passion?
    Promoting health and well-being through community service. I want to be able to help people achieve their highest level of physical and mental well-being.

    How has your University experience shaped who you are?
    University has brought me out of my shell. Brock has given me the chance to meet great people and gain confidence in myself. I have accomplished so much more than I imagined I could.

    Where do you see yourself in the next year?
    Next year I will be graduating from the Nursing program and hopefully on my way to a Masters of Public Health.

    Kelsey_FinalKelsey Kavanagh – Programs Coordinator
    Fourth-Year Concurrent Education student
    Curtis, Ontario

    What is your passion?
    People – especially the little ones. I love working with youth from around the globe and helping them learn and grow to achieve their full potential.

    How has your University experience shaped who you are?
    It has allowed me to gain a wide variety knowledge in the classroom and in the surrounding tightly knit community, fostering the development of both sides of my brain and shaping the Kelsey you see today.

    Where do you see yourself in the next year?
    Gaining valuable skills and experiences in my new role as the student life programs coordinator and making the most out of my time here at Brock.

    Megan_FinalMegan Brown – Brock Leaders Citizenship Society & Golden Key Coordinator
    Third-Year Medical Sciences student
    Port Colborne, Ontario

    What is your passion?
    Being a positive role model, teacher and leader. I aspire to promote health and positive lifestyle choices, as well as advocating for quality improvement in the health care system.

    How has your University experience shaped who you are?
    Being a member of BLCS has provided me with instant opportunities to get involved in the community. Being surrounded by a network of high caliber leaders has driven me to constantly strive to lead change.

    Where do you see yourself in the next year?
    I see myself taking classes and participating in experiential learning projects that will help me to solidify my career path. I also see myself continuing to volunteer and becoming even more involved at Brock.

    Sarah_FinalSarah Salt – ExperienceBU & Campus Partnerships Coordinator
    Second-Year Concurrent Education student
    Milton, Ontario

    What is your passion?
    Traveling to new places and learning about different cultures. I love discovering new places because it pushes me outside my comfort zone and helps me appreciate different lifestyles all around the world.

    How has your University experience shaped who you are?
    It has pushed me to get involved. Participating in events on campus has enhanced my experience as a university student and has given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people.    

    Where do you see yourself in the next year?
    I will be entering my third year of the concurrent education program. I would also like to take part in a service-learning trip at Brock and broaden my horizons by volunteering while making a difference.

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  • This Week in Niagara…June 19, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    Have a wonderful week everyone! Here’s what’s coming our way:

    Join in a fabulous evening of chocolate, wine and fun! Learn about chocolate truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries from Swiss Chocolatier Bernhard Sauter, try your hand at our wine toss, visit the photo booth or win an amazing prize for our penny raffle. Your ticket ($30) includes admission, a signature cocktail, light appetizers and of course, decadent chocolate treats!

    • Heirlooms Artisan Market – Saturday, June 20: 10am-6pm at Vermeer’s Garden Centre (684 South Pelham Rd., Welland).  Over 50 amazing artisans – find fashion, jewellery, pottery, decor, gourmet food, bath & body, and so much more!  Canned goods or change is also being collected in support of Pelham Cares.
    • Niagara New Vintage Wine Festival – this Saturday and Sunday are the final days of this great festival of 40 Niagara wineries uncorking their seasonal best alongside top local chefs preparing farm-to-table favourites! Saturday, June 20th is a Tailgate Party and more details and tickets for this wrap-up weekend are available on-line.
    • Colour Run in Niagara Falls – Sunday, June 21 at 9am. This run, also known as “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” and part of this event series taking place in more than 50 countries! This is less about your speed (you can walk, skip or cartwheel if you like!) and more about having a blast on the 5km un-timed route. Wear white at the starting line, finish plastered in color, and register now if you haven’t already!


    Have a great week and get out to #ExploreNiagara!


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  • There’s More to Site-Seeing when you Travel with Student Life


    Written by: Angela Mott

    Being home schooled through my secondary school education, I felt that I missed out on many of the traditional high school milestones – pep rallies, prom, and class trips.

    In lieu of this, coming to Brock to continue my education as a mature student, I felt strongly about making the most of my experience in post-secondary.

    Service Learning - Angela Mott (photo)

    At the top of the list of things I wanted to accomplish was traveling in some fashion with a group of students. In my second year, I signed up for Student Life’s Alternative Reading Week trip to South Carolina to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity. Traveling with a group of thirty university students on a bus for a week to Sumter, SC, was a transformative time, one that shaped my post-secondary experience more than I could have ever expected.

    The relationships established through the Alternative Reading Week trips will last a lifetime, and were not limited to Brock friendships. Gaining insights into another culture within the protected cocoon of a large group of volunteers and friends changed my perspective and level of awareness regarding the needs of our nearest southern neighbours. The reciprocal cultural learning that was inspired by this trip was a wonderful surprise, and I keep in touch with the Habitat team and the families we have built for to this day.

    Due to this incredible experience, I plan to travel to El Salvador for my fourth year Alternative Reading Week with Student Life & Community Experience, and encourage anyone looking for a unique travel experience to check out the international trips that are offered.

    Checking off this item from my Brock Bucket List is only one of many that Student Life can help you get more involved on or off campus.

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  • This Week in Niagara…June 12, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    With plenty of rain behind us, we can look forward to some summer weather coming up *fingers-crossed* and a wide variety of great events to look forward to: This week, check out the following:

    Rotary’s annual RibFest event is this weekend (free entry and parking)! Check it out for great BBQ, live music and entertainment, and plenty of vendors of all kinds!

    • Sing Niagara’s “A Little Help from my Friends” Concert – Saturday, June 13 at 7:30pm, Laura Secord High School (349 Niagara St., St. Catharines). Sing Niagara is a dynamic fun loving a cappella chorus made up of member from across the entire Niagara region. Check out their next concert if music is up your alley!
    • Yoga on the Water – Thursday June 18, evening on the boardwalk
    • Movies in the Vineyard @ Trius Winery – Friday, June 12th (tonight!): The Grand Budapest Hotel

    $15 admission gets you into the unique outdoor theatre, a glass of wine with souvenir glass, and a large bag of popcorn! Gates open at 8:30pm with the movie at 9:30.

    • Niagara New Vintage Wine Festival – Saturday, June 13th kicks off this great two-weekend event bringing together 40 Niagara wineries who will uncork their seasonal best alongside top local chefs preparing farm-to-table favourites! Check out the Discovery Pass on-line, which is your ticket to both weekends of wine and culinary adventures at wineries across Niagara.
    • Niagara Integrated Film Festival: Kicks off Thursday, June 18 and runs until June 21 at various locations around the region. Enjoy the ultimate film, food, and wine experience for four consecutive nights as NIFF presents a Canadian Premiere feature film presentation at Peller Estates Winery (Thursday, June 18 – Opening Night) and at Jackson-Triggs Estate Winery (Friday-Sunday, June 19th – 21st).


    Also of interest throughout the season:

    “Pick-Your-Own” Farm Listings – farm listings are organized by the town or city they are found in. Choose from the options on-line and visit their websites for picking conditions and what freshly grown items are in season for picking!


    Have a great week and enjoy as you #ExploreNiagara!

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  • 5 Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

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    Written by: Sarah Salt

    Shopping in a grocery store can be overwhelming especially if you’re trying to save money. So, to make it easier for my fellow Badgers, I’ve compiled a list of five different ways to help keep the cash in your wallet.

    1. Try to only shop once a week
    Believe it or not, you actually spend more money if you shop more than once a week. So by limiting your trips to the grocery store you will eliminate the excessive food items that you don’t really need. Also, you can save money by shopping with cash as it forces you to stay within your budget.

    2. Download coupons
    This might sound time consuming but it’s actually not! There are so many different apps that will help you find coupons from various stores and then you can just show the cashier the coupons on your phone. Additionally, most grocery stores will price match. So if one store is selling strawberries for $2.99 but you have a coupon with a lower price at another store they will often sell you the strawberries at the lower price.

    3. Shop with a smaller cart
    I discovered that if I have a smaller cart I will buy less because there isn’t as much room as there would be in a large cart.

    4. Go with generic brands
    Most of the time, generic brands are cheaper than the name brands. You can save a lot of money by buying the grocery stores personal brand. In fact, most of the food companies make both the generic brands and the name brands.

    5. Look high and low, not in the middle
    And finally, many stores will put the most expensive products at eye level because that is what people usually see first. So take a few extra seconds and look on the lower and higher shelves… You might find some great deals!

    And that’s it! It might not be much at first, but overtime you will start to see results and your bank account will thank you.

    Blog Photo 2

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  • This Week in Niagara…June 5, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    Wow! Can you believe it’s June already?! May seemed to pass by in no time and it’s time to seize the summer and get out into our great region! Here’s what’s coming up:

    $15 admission gets you into the unique outdoor theatre, a glass of wine with souvenir glass, and a large bag of popcorn! Gates open at 8:30pm with the movie at 9:30!

    • Niagara VegFest – Sunday, June 7 from 11:00am-6:00pm (free) at the St. Catharines downtown Market Square. This annual event celebrates the many benefits of a healthy, compassionate, plant-based lifestyle, and showcases exhibitors, vendors, and speakers from the Niagara region and beyond. Come down to check out many vendors, bakeries and cafes (including many great businesses from our local downtown area), teas, entertainment and great eats!
    • Graze the Bench – Graze the Bench has quickly become one of the most popular events in wine country with a group of wineries showcasing wine and amazing views of vineyards set near Lake Ontario. In partnership with a collection of Niagara’s best chefs and live bands, this is a wine event that will become a regular date on your calendar. Check the website for tickets for grazing all of these wineries and more details.
    • Niagara Brewing Company Grand Opening (Niagara Falls’ newest brewery): on Clifton Hill

    Sunday, June 7 beginning at 12:00pm this event kicks off and offers live music, good eats, and of course good drinks (award winning brews will be featured!).

    • Niagara Falls Comic Con – Friday-Sunday, June 5-7 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre (Niagara Falls). Visit the link for all the details on this unique experience including celebrity guests David Hasselhoff, Sean Astin and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air anyone?!)
    • Grapes of Wrath – Saturday, June 27th at 13th Winery.  Register is open to participate in this fantastic 5km mud run/challenge as a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. Go as an enthusiastic spectator as well, or even volunteer (volunteers still needed – contact Kim @ 905-684-6455 ext. 3152 or kspiessmann@ontario.cancer.ca for more information).


    Have a wonderful week and #ExploreNiagara!

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  • Getting Involved is all about the Small Steps

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    Written by: Angela Mott

    I’ll be honest and say that for the first two years of my undergrad here at Brock, I did the bare minimum to get by academically.

    Luckily, I understood the course material and enjoyed most of the readings, and got through with decent marks, as a local part-time student who had no interest in the extracurricular activities on or off campus. I coasted through the beginning of my undergrad, barely noticing the people I shared the space with, or anything else happening on or around Brock’s campus.

    What I started to notice was that by giving the bare minimum to Brock, I was in engaged in an adverse reciprocal relationship with the university. It may be a cliché, but it’s true – you really do get what you give.

    It’s up to you, the individual student, what you take away from Brock when you leave here after convocation. If I had stayed in my comfortable bubble of the first couple of years of my undergrad, I would have been one of those who maybe felt like they received an over-priced four year extension of public school.

    As I enter my fourth and final year of my undergrad, I look back and see the stark contrast between my second and third years, and it all happened because of the simplest change in my behavior. I got involved – involved with my peers, my academic program, and the Brock community. I opened up to those surrounding me, and began trying new things, pushing my boundaries, and finally popped that insulating bubble that I had lived in for so long.

    By opening up my mind to the endless possibilities that were offered to me at Brock, my education began to mean so much more than marks. It wasn’t all about lectures and labs and seminars; it was about the people within these classrooms and hallways, the experiences we could share, and learning in a more holistic fashion. I transitioned from a part-time student to a full-time student and employee at Brock within a year just by getting involved.

    I am now proud to be a Badger. Trust me – it is never too late to start. A small step can lead to big changes.

    Angela Mott

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  • What we should know about Caitlyn Jenner and Trans Awareness

    Being Better Banner (1)

    Written by: Cate Talaue

    In the last 24 hours, social media feeds and outlets have been covering the latest in celebrity news: Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Olympian Bruce Jenner) has made her debut as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair.


    If you happen to stay tuned to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you would know that Caitlyn has come out to each of her kids individually, revealing parts of her life that has remained a secret to many. Though it took the Jenner and Kardashian family by surprise that Caitlyn wanted to transition by the spring, they were all supportive and encouraging.

    However, not everyone is this lucky.

    Some may not have a support system that reassures and emboldens them to embrace their true selves and live their lives according to their own heart. Many are going to struggle with figuring out who they are, coming out to their loved ones, adjusting to life as someone who is different from what others know or expect them to be.

    Even after transitioning, as much as there are periods of freedom, there can also be moments of fear – fear of rejection and quite possibly the fear of being attacked (physically, emotionally and mentally).

    What then, can we do as students to foster an environment that allows for all people to be who they are without the fear of being ridiculed?

    Within the last year, the University has changed the bathrooms in the lobby of the Schmon Tower to be gender-neutral, but our efforts shouldn’t stop there. Weaning out certain derogatory words from our vocabulary, educating ourselves about diversity awareness, being open to different perspectives, opinions and lifestyles, and overall respecting each other are ways that we can individually encourage a better campus environment. Awareness is the first step in achieving any and all of this.

    For more information, resources and services, the Brock Student Development Centre is here to help. Find them at brocku.ca/student-development-centre

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