• 3 Tips Towards Self-Care

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    Written by: Jonathan Fletcher

    Alright Badgers, take a seat and let your buddy Jon give you some advice about how to make your Brock experience a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable.

    If you felt like there should have been more than one reading week this semester, you are not alone. Taking some time away is very beneficial for putting things in perspective and getting that second wind to carry you till the end of the semester. I have heard countless stories of students explaining the stresses they are faced with due to the work we’re always doing.

    If you ever feel like it’s too much, Brock offers many services for students to use, with trained professionals that want to help with any big or small issues you may be dealing with.

    Personal Counselling at Brock: 905-688-5550 x4750

    But if you want some amateur advice from one Badger to another, I’ve got a few tips on how to mitigate the stress while maximizing enjoyment:

    1. Develop effective time management skills.
    This is at the top of my list because I believe it’s the base of how to reduce stress. I’m university the deadlines are never ending, having a calendar when you can see everything ahead of time, writing things down in a journal or even using your calendar in your phone. You will be way more prepared and less likely to procrastinate… most of the time.

    2. Make time for yourself.
    Taking care of yourself is crucial in a high stress environment. If you have a hobby don’t forget about it. If you’ve been missing sleep take a well-deserved nap, watch some Netflix (don’t start a new season of a show though). Go to the gym if that helps spend some time with friends. It is super important to have positive aspects in your life that keep you motivated and balanced.

    3. Put things in perspective.
    Think about when we were in high school and we thought everything was the end of the world. We made it didn’t we? Keep that in mind when you are feeling a little bit low or stressed. Everything always works out. My friend used to use this quote when she was overwhelmed and I now I use it and I will pass it to you. “When life gives you dilemmas, make dilemondade”

    Until next time folks… I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their fall!

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  • This Week in Niagara…November 6, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    As we creep into November, a month that has been gorgeous so far, there is plenty happening and plenty of variety in the events around Niagara to take advantage of. This week check out:

    With today being Random Acts of Kindness Day across Niagara, happiness and positivity is radiating! It doesn’t need to take much time or cost anything to do something nice for another, stranger or friend alike. Take a moment today to do something nice or pay it forward! Don’t forget to use #rakday #rakdayniagara or post to the Facebook link above with what you did for someone else or what someone may have done for you!

    • First Fridays at the Museum: “Moustache Bash” – tonight, Friday, November 6, 7-10pm at the Niagara Historical Society & Museum.  The Museums of Niagara Association invites you to catch some culture after hours! As part of the First Fridays event series hosted by Niagara museums, this 19+ event features music, food and drink from the Smokin’ Buddha, activities and of course the current museum exhibits, this month hosted in Niagara-on-the-Lake. $10 per person at the door.  #FirstFridayNiagara
    • Real Canadian Craft Beer Festival – Saturday, November 7 from 1:00-9:00pm at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. After a rockin’ inaugural year for this festival in 2014, Canadian Craft Beer Festivals returns with its one-day fall session hoping to serve and entertain thirsty patrons. Come out to check out 25+ breweries, good eats and a fun day.
    • Momentum Choir: “A Year in the Life” Concert – Sunday, November 8 @ 3pm. Catch this amazing choir’s performance at Bethany Community Church (1388 Third St., St. Catharines, ON) and be completely inspired!  Check out the video on the link attached for an enthusiastic invitation! In their 8th season, Momentum continues to blaze a path into the arts community, breaking down barriers and successfully carving space for performers who live with a disability. After years of being the only choir of its kind in North America, Momentum Western New York has joined the scene this fall.
    • Hernder 22st Annual Craft Show: Friday – Sunday, November 7-9 from 10am-5pm daily. Check out two floors of vendors, wine tasting, homemade goodies such as strudel, fudge, gourmet pizzas, meats, and jams and jellies, stain glass, sewing, knit sweaters, purses, floral, Christmas items and decorations, painted glassware, jewelry, soy candles and much more! In lieu of admission, help a local family with non-perishable food items or a donation to Community Care (this could be a random act of kindness you do for the community!).
    • A Holiday Affair Vendor & Craft Show – Sunday, November 8 from 10:00am – 5:00pm at Crystal Ridge Community Centre (Fort Erie). See 25+ unique vendors and crafters.

    Remember, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

    Have a great week and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • 5 Quick Tips to Being Well, Despite Student Stress

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    Written by: Megan Brown

    Between the long days spent balancing work and school, the stress of midterms and exam season approaching, and the pressure to finish assignments in every class, it is easy to overlook the little things in life that can help us to be better and do better physically, mentally, emotionally and academically.

    As a student who tends to stress over nearly all of the above, here are a few things that help motivate me to persevere and to strive to be better in the aforementioned aspects of life:

    1. A quick phone call: Whether it be home to family, or a close friend, they often know just the right thing to say to put it all into perspective and to give you the support you need to keep pushing forward.

    2. Me time: After a long week of work, exams and handing in that last assignment on Friday at 5PM, it is O.K. to take the night off to recharge those batteries so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the tasks for the upcoming week.

    3. Going for a walk/run: Getting out for some exercise and fresh air to clear your mind is always refreshing.

    4. Checklists: These are a great way to help you prioritize, stay organized and to keep track of your goals (which can also help you do better academically and eliminate stress). What’s more satisfying than having all the items on your to do list checked off?

    5. Having something to look forward to: Planning one enjoyable thing at the end of every month can give you the motivation you need to get through those stressful times. Maybe it’s going shopping, going out for dinner, or even just staying in to have a movie marathon; all are just examples of a few things that can help you to stay positive and to push forward!

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  • This Week in Niagara…October 30, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    With the sun back out after a few stormy days, and it being Friday, the world is brighter today on a number of levels!

    On this note, I’d like to share something awesome that’s coming up throughout the Niagara Region that every single one of us can be part of without having to plan, go anywhere, spend any money, or take much time – Random Acts of Kindness!

    This is a one-day annual event across Niagara that is taking place on Friday, November 6th. Random acts of kindness can include almost anything, as long as it’s done with positive intent (see some great suggestions here). You can do something kind for a friend or stranger alike, and at Brock, participate in little stations that will be popping up around campus (watch for Boomer and give him a hi-five!), or go raking in local neighbourhoods to help those who could use a hand. Keep in mind though, that this doesn’t have to be contained to just one day! While it would be great to take some time this week to think about how you might like to be part of this movement next Friday, I would say our world could use more random kindness any day of the year. Take a moment and pay it forward and connect on social media @RAKDayNiagara or Facebook.com/rakdayniagara


    Have a safe and fun Halloween if you’re trick-or-treating or giving out candy, enjoy the weekend and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • Live Life Badger’s Through Alternative Reading Week


    Written by: Katherine Madden

    Reading Week is sadly over, but it’s okay because now is your chance to reflect on all the amazing memories you had over the break. Not everyone has the opportunity to go home and visit their families, but do not fear Student Life and Community Experience is here!

    Student Life offers Brock University students the freedom to volunteer with a variety of different organizations within the Niagara community and I was fortunate enough to be a part of this AMAZING experience. The three places that I had the pleasure of volunteering for were Canadian Blood Services, Community Living and Niagara Habitat for Humanity.

    Katherine's photo

    Canadian Blood Services allowed me and the fellow volunteers to engage with the public. Our role was to go out to certain locations in St. Catharines and recruit people to donate blood during one of the Blood Drive Clinics. Not only did I learn how to effectively communicate with people, but I also got to learn about the non for profit organization. I was enlightened by the motivation that the people at Blood Services brought onto our team. You never really realize how much people need blood, and how many blood donations it actually takes to help save a life. Look into it; I’m sure many of you would be surprised.

    Next was with the Niagara Community Living, which is an organization that offers individuals with intellectual disabilities to engage in living within the community. Our roles were to help build outdoor furniture, which let me tell you were a challenge. Who knew you have to actually read the instruction manual to build a shed? Our team however was determined to get it done, and had a great time messing up continuously together. Best part about the location was the beautiful view that the property backed onto, a winery. Overall, the team and I gained some vital lessons on how to properly follow instructions and effectively work as a team.

    Last, but not least I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity which is an organization that helps build safe and affordable homes for low-income families. It also has a variety of stores that provide people with building tools at a very reasonable price. As a team the volunteers and I got to familiarize ourselves with the items in the store and help organize a variety of things. This allowed some quiet time for the team to get to know each other, while helping the organization. I also discovered that I know absolutely nothing about tools, but that was okay because it was just another great learning experience. Definitely a great way to end Alternative Reading Week!

    Each and every day I was able to meet a variety of creative, outgoing, wonderful individuals that I may not have ever have had the opportunity of meeting, and discovered new found skills. I strongly believe it is important to make the best of your time at Brock. There are so many ways that students can get involved and make the best of their years. Alternative Reading Week is just one of the many incredible opportunities through Brock Student Life and Community Experience and organizations within Niagara.

    So be sure to #GetInvolved and #ExploreNiagara  


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  • Making an Impact with Dr. Jack Lightstone

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    Written by: Cate Talaue

    Jack-Lightstone-16frontIf you could go back into the past, what advice would you give to your first-year self?

    I was very involved in the community in all sorts of movements while I was an undergrad at Carleton University. I think I’d tell myself to get more involved on-campus. I think that I would’ve met more people as oppose to the people I already knew. First thing that I tell incoming students is that their education is only part of their experience here.

    What has been one of your favourite experiences at Brock University?

    It has been an absolute joy to work with BUSU, the Graduate Students Association (GSA), and the Goodman student club executives. I do not know of another university in Canada where the relationship between university administration and student leaders is as constructive. We help one another, we work through our disagreements, it’s truly a partnership to make Brock and the student experience better.

    Who has been one of your biggest motivators/an important inspiration and why?

    I want my family to be proud of me – my wife, children, and grandchildren. I want them to feel like I’ve done something significant and that I’ve contributed to something larger. They’re great motivators for me.

    It’s easy to thank someone for their contributions or for just being themselves, but if you could thank yourself for one thing, what would it be?

    I’ve always been grateful that I manage stress relatively well. When my stress level gets too high, I have a few techniques. I exercise, I play acoustic guitar – music is a great stress reliever. I’ve always found sailing as a good one as well because it’s easy to forget everything else when I’m out on the water.

    What is one personal thing that you still want to accomplish?

    I’ve been sailing since I was a teenager. I wanted to spend a year living out on our boat but I didn’t want to wait until I was retired to do it. My wife and I did it from 2004 to 2005 and we sailed from Lake Champlain to Florida Keys. We spent that year writing up our research. I’m glad I did it then as oppose to when I’m tired and not as strong. I enjoy sailing, although I don’t think I’m brave enough to ask my wife to do it again.

    What is one thing that you want students to know about you?

    I want them to know that I am consistent. In leadership, you need to be consistent in your job and in your personality. I try to do that all the time. I also try to live by the motto that you have to get out of the trees to see the forest. In other words, you have to get past the details to see the big picture. I always try to make sure that my job paints that wide angle picture.

    BONUS: Dr. Lightstone’s Top 5 Things I Love about Brock and Niagara
    1. Alphie’s Troph and the balcony at the restaurant over-looking the trail
    2. The student life presence on-campus
    3. The beautiful view from all areas of campus
    4. Walking along the Niagara Gorge
    5. The community involvement aspect of the Brock experience

    Dr. Jack Lightstone is the President and Vice-Chancellor of Brock University. Since beginning his first 5-year term on July 1, 2006, he was reappointed for another 5-year term in 2011, which will end in 2016. Dr. Lightstone has played a pivotal role in shaping what the University is known to be today.

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  • This Week in Niagara…October 23, 2014


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    As fall kicks into full swing, there is plenty to see and do around Niagara:

    • Jordan Village Haunted Tour – Friday & Saturday, October 23-24 at 8:00pm (check-in at 7:30pm) at the Jordan Historical Museum (3800 Main St., Jordan, ON). Come find out more about what lies beneath this cute little village… $20 and tickets must be purchased in advance.
    • Pumpkinfest 2015 – Saturday, October 24 from 11am-3pm at Heartland Forest. Visit the link for fun day for the whole family from farm animals to pumpkin carving and much more!
    • Halloween Ghost Tours at Fort George – Friday – Sunday this week and next (October 23-25 and October 30-November 1) at various times throughout the evening. Join in and explore the scariest aspects of haunted Fort George. This 2-hour walking tour includes stories too frightening to be told on the summer tours, and opens a building (the Officers’ Quarters) usually off limits to tours. Visit the website to book your tickets ($17).
    • Get a team together for the 2015 United Way Spin-a-Thon taking place on Friday, October 30th in the spin studio at Brock. $100 for a team of 8 (one person from the team spins for 50 minutes on the hour from 7am-3pm with 10 minute breaks between sessions) or $15 for individuals. Costumes are encouraged and prizes will be awarded. Check out the link for more details and come out to support a great cause!

    Have a great week and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • A Hungry Badger’s Guide to Grub

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    Written by: Matt Miller

    Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first month of school and you’re officially en route to finishing up those midterms. However since midterms are almost over, there’s no more need for 4am McDonald’s breakfast or late night calls to the local Pizzeria, it’s time to take some time out of your day and try some A1 food right here in ‘The Kitts’ (Not the 6ix, but close).

    For the judging process of this guide, I will use a highly relative scale that shows my personal ratings for each of these:
    🔥- Fairly Lit
    🔥🔥 – Medium Lit
    🔥🔥🔥 – Flames
    🔥🔥🔥🔥- Super Flames
    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 – Super Hot Fiya


    Kully’s Original Sports bar (Nachos) – 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Kully’s is located right on the main strip of downtown St.Catharines. It’s a nice venue that you can almost guarantee will have whatever sport you are looking for already playing. Also a cool thing about Kully’s is the owners are Brock Grads! That’s good and all, but this is about the food. Kully’s is home to the BEST nachos I have ever eaten. With so many options of different toppings theres no way you can just try it once… Believe me.

    Burrito Boyz (Naked Burrito) – 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    As a Mississauga native some would say that this judgement is completely bias, they would say that until they try the amazing burrito’s at Burrito Boyz. Burrito Boyz is a true crowd pleaser with multiple options such as Chicken and Steak burrito’s, to more exotic options such as Calamari or Sweet Potato burrito’s. They also give you the option to have a Burrito wrapped the conventional way, or a ‘Naked Burrito’ which is all the toppings in a container so you can pick and choose your flavours as you go. There’s literally something at Burrito Boyz for everyone. If you are a lover of spicy food, try a burrito with 2 lines of their hot sauce

    Gord’s Place (Brownie Chunk Icecream Fudge Sundae) – 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    If the name of that dish doesn’t make you want to try it, maybe food just isn’t your thing. Gord’s has a huge menu of amazing items that I may or may not attempt to try all, however if you are looking for the one dish to set you over the edge and cure that need for chocolate, this is your go to. The Brownie Chunk Ice-cream Fudge Sundae is not only a mouthful to say, but actually a mouthful to eat. It’s just goodness, on top of goodness, drizzled on goodness. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

    Patrick Sheehan’s Irish Pub (Chicken Fingers and Fries) – 🔥🔥🔥
    I have newly been introduced to the world of chicken fingers, and although it is not my ‘Go to’ meal, I still enjoy some good fresh chicken and fries every once in awhile. The chicken fingers and fries from Sheehan’s has made me reconsider not eating chicken fingers and fries every time I go out. From the fresh chicken (not the frozen one you can buy in the grocery stores) and the perfectly salted home cut fries, it goes without saying that this is a meal everyone needs to try. Sheehan’s is home to the famous ‘Pickle Shot’ (try that too).

    These places are just some of the places to visit. It’s amazing what can find when you go and explore. Even better when you can enjoy that time and eat good food. Of course not everyone is going to agree with my review, but i’d love to hear if you have any other different thoughts or places you’d like for me to review. As a preview to the next review, here are the places that will be included:
    – The Merchant Ale House
    – The Works
    – Spiice
    – Wild Wing
    – So Jollof

    Stay Hungry Badgers!

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  • This Week in Niagara…October 9, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    As we head into the Thanksgiving long weekend, I find myself thinking about everything in life I am grateful for, from friends and loved ones I can laugh with, to great music and homemade baked goods! I hope you can easily think of a few things you are grateful for as well, and that you take a moment to appreciate all that brings you joy.

    Speaking of gratitude, I’m really grateful we live in the beautiful Niagara region! From gorgeous landscapes, little pockets of shops and great restaurants, more wineries than you can imagine, the new Performing Arts Center that I’ve already been lucky enough to experience, and SO much more, I hope you have a chance to get out and walk off that turkey dinner while doing something in our community this week!

    Here are a few things to keep you moving this week:

    • Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival – Friday-Monday, October 9-12 from 10am-5pm at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area in Jordan, ON ($6 to enter). Join over 150 artisans and exhibitors (find some really creative, beautiful items), gourmet food vendors, wine makers and craft beer brewers at one of the region’s largest shows. Be part of the Thanksgiving spirit at Ball’s Falls as the festival celebrates its 41st year!
    • Vineland Thanksgiving ARTfest – Saturday – Monday, October 10-12 from 10am-5pm at Vineland Public School (free). Join over 130 artisans and exhibitors, good eats and a gorgeous setting at this great craft festival.
    • Oast House Hootenanny – Saturday, October 10 from 12:00pm ‘til late at Oast House Brewery (2017 Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake). Join in giving thanks to the harvest with live music, food truck eats and great local beer.


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy getting out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • Your Reading Week Check-List

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    Written by: Anton Rodrigo

    That time of the semester! One week till reading week which means some much needed and well-deserved sleep. For some of you it is a vacation in a hot place. For others it’s napping at your cave. With a lot on your mind, thought we’d remind you of those certain things you might want to bring home and some items to bring back.

    Take Home:
    Summer clothes – It’s time for longer clothes and comfy sweaters. Don’t be that person in shorts when there are snowmen outside.
    Those Extra Random things – You know what I’m talking about. All those items you thought you’d need during the year but actually have never used or never will.
    Not-Permitted Items – This is for all of the residence students who brought that item not allowed. Those *ahem* items and fabric/wood items. Taking them home means no extra stress.

    Bring Back:
    Food – Stock up on those home-cooked meals while you can!
    Winter Clothes – That jacket, those heavy duty boots and those ugly Christmas sweaters for events.
    Skates – Hit the many places to go skating around us, including the lake right behind Village!
    That Winning Attitude – You’re a Badger after all.


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