• Open Arms for O-Week

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    Written by: Laura Sebben

    Being a first year student in university is a big change. The environment, people, and surroundings are completely different from what you are used to. Though it might be nerve-racking to start fresh in a new place, the people at Brock University are there to help ease the transition.

    Taking part in the O-Week events scheduled for your first official week at Brock is one of the best ways to start your life as a university student. Not only do they provide memorable experiences but also work as an easy and comfortable way to get to know your school and fellow Badgers!

    O-Week has everything from safety tips in residence to orientations for each faculty. Throw in a bit of exercise, teamwork events, and some social nightlife and it becomes a perfect week. It gives you great opportunities to meet new people, while also getting to know the school better, as each event takes place in a different location.

    I remember participating in almost all of the O-Week events offered to me in first year and how much they made me feel like I was a part of a community. Even if you don’t know anyone going into first year, O-Week provides you with the perfect way to mingle and make friends. Remember, your fellow hall mates in residence are in the same position as you so don’t be afraid to ask them to attend an event with you; it’s a great bonding experience!

    It is important and beneficial to participate in what O-Week has to offer even if you only attend 1 event. Not only does the Brock University Student’s Union host events, but each individual residence hosts hall meetings during the first week in an effort to help you get to know your fellow floor mates and find other students in the same program as you. Participating in said activities are an easy way to ensure that this new step in your life will go as smoothly as possible; you will make so many new friends that are experiencing the same excitement and fear as you. These are the people that will become your friends for life.

    Now get out there and have fun baby Badgers!

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  • This Week in Niagara…August 28, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    Take advantage of summer with these great upcoming events:


    • Winona Peach Festival – Friday-Sunday, August 28-30 (Friday 5-11pm, Saturday 10am-11pm, Sunday 10am-6pm) at Winona Park (parking available at Puddicombe Estates – 1469 Hwy 8)

    Check out this great display off peaches, peach baked goods and ice cream treats, arts and crafts, music and much more!

    It’s a stinky time at the garlic festival! Come out and join more than 2,000 others for a day filled with garlic demos, greenhouse tours, arts and crafts and shopping. $3 admission.

    • Greenbelt Harvest Picnic – Saturday, August 29 at Christie Lake Conservation Area (1000 Hwy 5 West, Dundas, ON). Gates open at 11am, show begins at 12pm.

    Take in great music from artists including The Arkells, Gordon Lightfoot, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Basia Bulat and many more. Concert goers will also be able to enjoy a local farmers market, horticultural workshops, art vendors, food and beverage areas, fishing, swimming and good old fashioned picnicking. Visit the website for ticket information.

    The most elegant picnic in the world is coming to Niagara with this mass chic picnic held in a public space. This originated more than 27 years ago in Paris and now happens in cities around the globe. Participants dress head to toe in white, bringing their dinner, dinnerware (no plastic or paper) and table decor (also white) and at the last minute, are given directions to where they will meet shuttle buses taking them to the secret, surprise dinner location. While the “White Effect Dinner” has been held at Queenston Heights in Niagara for a couple of years, this is a whole new experience! Visit the website for tickets ($37), which includes bus transportation to the venue and a night of live music and several contests and join in this dinner seating 800 here in the region.   Where do you think it will be?!

    First Fridays focuses on reaching out to new audiences while raising awareness of Niagara’s local history. The series will be hosted at various museums throughout the Region, and will run on the First Friday of every month through December 2015.  Switching it up every month with a different theme and new surprises, First Fridays kicks it off with the Port Colborne Bootlegger Ball on Friday, September 4th, 2015 from 7pm to 10pm. Treat yourself to drinks and appetizers from The Smokin’ Buddha as you explore the latest exhibitions, and enjoy live music on-site. Advance tickets are available at each of the museums listed above for $10 or can be purchased at the door, the night of the event.


    Have a great week and enjoy getting out to #ExploreNiagara

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  • Bringing the Statue Tradition to Campus


    Written by: Cate Talaue

    University student life revolves around traditions.

    One day, some odd years ago, someone thought that stomping on grapes would be a great way to foster school spirit. The first event was kind of a bust – with less than 20 people participating, mostly consisting of staff. Over the next several years, this event would grow to be the biggest and messiest tradition at Brock University, with 1000 participants and one metric tonne of grapes being brought to campus in 2014.

    By now, I’m sure you’ve realized that I’m talking about Grape Stomp, which by the way, was named by University Affairs Magazine as one of the top Canadian campus traditions. This event has become a staple of being a Brock student, and the time has come for us to create a brand new tradition surrounding the grand statue of Major General Sir Isaac Brock in front of the Schmon Tower.

    Isaac Statue (2)Whether it is socializing around the statue, taking a selfie with it, shining the General’s shoe, or saluting him, the opportunity to start and maintain this new tradition is here and now.

    One of the highlights of being a Brock student is that by the time we cross that stage during Convocation, we can proudly say that we have been a part of a welcoming community that has encouraged us to flourish, be involved, become leaders, and participate in several amazing Brock traditions.

    From the Big Ticket Concert to Brock Cares Day of Service, from Homecoming to the CIBC Run for the Cure that the University hosts every year, from 5 Days for the Homeless to spending St. Patrick’s Day at Isaac’s, all of these traditions stemmed from an idea. Your idea could be the next best thing to happen at Brock.

    So, put those thinking caps on and start conjuring up what the statue tradition could be this year and for the years to come.

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  • This Week in Niagara…August 21, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    Take advantage of summer with these great upcoming events:

    • Niagara Craft Beer Festival – Saturday & Sunday, August 22 & 23 at the Market at the Village – 111 Garrison Village Drive, Niagara-on-the-Lake (at the Corner of Niagara Stone Rd. & Niven Rd.)

    This one-of-a-kind craft beer festival features 20+ of Ontario’s best small batch craft brewers, Canadian culture lifestyle vendors, food trucks and local restaurants, live music and your favorite vinyl records throughout the day.

    Join in the second annual trail run hosted on Brock’s campus by Recreation Services by volunteering or participating in a 5km or 10km run of some of best trails that the Niagara Region has to offer.  Drop by Isaac’s afterward and enjoy a beverage and some time on the patio.  Don’t forget to bring your Brock spirit!

    Check out 3-course fixed-price lunch and dinner menus from participating restaurants in downtown St. Catharines (ranging from $10-$40).  This is a great opportunity to get out and try a new local restaurant – you never know where your new “fav” might be!

    • World Dragon Boat Racing Championships – Wednesday-Sunday, August 19-23 at the International Flatwater Centre in Welland. Come out to see more than 4,000 athletes from 17 countries compete in this high energy sport!

    Have a great week and enjoy getting out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • 3 Tips on How to Get Started on ExperienceBU

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    Written by: Sarah Salt

    Hey Badgers, after having just finished my first year at Brock, I can tell you that being involved in various extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom has made such a positive impact on my time here at Brock. But I also know that it can be difficult to stay on top of what is happening – there are so many clubs and events happening every week, it can seem a little overwhelming…

    So to help you find awesome things to do – we have ExperienceBU – which is Brock’s online, easy to use, involvement portal. It is the place to go to find exciting events, volunteer opportunities, clubs to join and other great ways to make the most of your time at Brock – it is also the home of the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum!

    Campus-Wide Co-CurriculumTo help make it easier for students I have come up with a list of three tips that will help you navigate ExperienceBU and make it easier for students to have their best year yet!

    1. Events
    One of the most helpful features on ExperienceBU is the “Events” page. It’s really useful for finding upcoming events on and off campus. To help stay engaged throughout university, it’s important to check ExperienceBU to find out about new opportunities that interest you. There are all sorts of events that are posted so you are bound to find something that you like! You can event RSVP to events directly through ExperienceBU.

    2. Organizations
    This page is where you will find a listing of the clubs, student groups, departments, and community organizations that have a page on ExperienceBU. From here, you can find clubs and groups that share your interests – you can visit their page to learn more about what they are about, find links to all their social media and request to join right from ExperienceBU! With over 200 clubs and student organizations, there is bound to be something you will love – but even if you don’t find anything that interests you, you can always start a new club!

    3. Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum
    The Campus-wide Co-Curriculum on ExperienceBU is your guide to help you make the most of your experiences outside the classroom – it was designed to help you to identify extra-curricular pathways and take advantage of engagement opportunities at Brock. It was also designed to help you to develop, enhance, and improve your understanding and skills in ten different domains. At this point you might be wondering how you can take part in the Co-Curriculum? But really – it is simple – attend events, learn new skills, try new things and report it in Co-Curriculum! For a lot of activities, your participation will be tracked for you – just look for opportunities to swipe your student card for credit! On ExperienceBU you will receive credit for your engagement and your curriculum progress will progress quickly!

    And that’s it! ExperienceBU is an awesome tool to see what is happening on campus and in the Niagara region! Having all of these events and experiences right at your fingertips is an easy way to know what is going on!

    Be sure to log in and create your ExperienceBU account so you can start receiving credit on the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum: www.experiencebu.brocku.ca

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  • This Week in Niagara…August 14, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    This week there is plenty going on to keep us busy in our great region:

    Check out 3-course fixed-price lunch and dinner menus from participating restaurants in downtown St. Catharines (ranging from $10-$40).  This is a great opportunity to get out and try a new local restaurant – you never know where your new “fav” might be!

    Over 60 extremely cool performers of all types from all over North America will be showcasing  their artistic abilities (we’re talking really different, mind-blowing creativity here!), food and beverage vendors (food trucks, bbq booths, carnival foods) and other vendors from the Thorold area and beyond will be available as well.

    • No Fixed Address – Pen Centre parking lot tonight – Friday, August 14th overnight

    Tonight in the parking lot at the Pen Centre is the “No Fixed Address” fundraising event where a large number of people (including some from our campus!) will spend 24 hours living in their cars to raise money and awareness of homelessness.  Feel free to stop in to check it out – no pressure to donate, but also visit the website to see how a small contribution goes a long way!  Interested in knowing more about Niagara statistics, check out this video.

    ALSO cool: The life-sized cardboard house is on display in the Sears court (where Santa visits) inside the Pen Centre. Pay it a visit while it’s still on display – a really powerful awareness piece on homelessness.

    Visit the website for details on this new community initiative featuring five days of courses and workshops in a variety of arts with selections suitable for all ages.

    In its new venue for this year, the sixth edition of Hockey Night in St. Catharines is promising Niagara hockey fans another star-studded lineup of former NHLers and the region’s very own Niagara IceDogs. Get your tickets while they’re hot!

    Join in the second annual Dirty Badger Trail Run hosted on campus by Rec Services and come out to volunteer or participate in a 5km or 10km run of some of best trails that the Niagara Region has to offer.  Drop by Isaac’s afterward and enjoy a beverage and some time on the patio.  Don’t forget to bring your Brock spirit!

    Have a great week and enjoy getting out to #ExploreNiagara!


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  • Committed to Being Better

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    Written by: Megan Brown

    The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS) is a group of exceptional students recognized for a combination of high academic achievement and personal leadership abilities. BLCS members continue to achieve academic success while utilizing their past leadership abilities to continue to grow, motivate, organize, inspire and create opportunities for themselves, the University and the surrounding community. Each year, members of the BLCS organize and participate in initiatives as a society. Some of these initiatives include the annual Flora Broley Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament- Play For Memories which has raised over $33000 for the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region, hosting a Valentines Prom for senior citizens, and the creation of a new initiative called Breaking Barriers which encourages students to develop empathy towards individuals with disabilities, reducing bullying and exclusion while promoting friendship & inclusion in elementary schools.

    16486867136_e792e9ffe9_kThroughout the summer, many of our leaders continue their dedication to academics, leadership and service. One of our newest members, Mary Lapp, has been organizing a triathlon for participants of all ages set to take place on Saturday August 15th for her track club. Communications officer, Rachel Easterbrook has been doing research with the Child and Youth Studies department focused on youth and their work experiences. Member Liaison, John Mikhaeil has had a busy summer doing research and studying for the MCAT.

    “This summer has been mostly dedicated to academics. I’ve been working on summer research at Brock (NSERC), taught the Princeton MCAT chemistry course and have been working on my I-EQUIP project. I also collected textbooks to donate to Pathways to Education and have continued to volunteer at Distress Centre Niagara. Shanice and I also had a great time participating in the BUSAC retreat!” –David Nguyen, BLCS Events Coordinator

    “The BUSAC retreat, planning club events for Roots ACS, fundraising for Brock’s Walk of Life on September 26th and participating in Residence Life Staff Training are a few things I’ve been doing this summer. I’ve also been working at Canadian Mental Health Association as their Activities Coordinator facilitating wellness activities for clients at their short term residential facility. I’ve really enjoyed my placement at Brock Niagara Health and Wellness Centre facilitating exercise routines one on one with stroke victims.” –Shanice Stewart, BLCS President

    “I got to take part in a really cool bootcamp run by American Express and Ashoka, being only one of 20 people across Canada selected to take part! That was super cool, and really helped me pinpoint how I can take my leadership experience and make it into a viable, sustainable career while creating social impact.” – Aniqah Zowmi, BLCS Member and former VP

    In 2015, through the combined efforts of all of our members, the society collectively completed a total of 5214 volunteer hours. We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our members and look forward to “Leading the Change” in 2016!

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  • Pre-Grad Career Preparation To-Do List

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    Written by: Olivia Hubert

    My first three years at Brock have been amazing — so amazing, that it doesn’t seem possible that my time at Brock will be over this April. As September approaches, I am trying to transition into career preparation mode. My “pre-grad to do” list keeps getting longer every time I think about it. Between building a professional resume, debating whether to do a Master’s degree, and researching whether my “dream job” will truly be a dream, this year is going to be full of new challenges and stressors.

    Spending so much time on campus this summer with staff from different departments has made me aware of all the awesome services Brock offers to help students in my situation.

    Creating a professional resume?
    Trying to summarize four or more years of your life into a two page document is a daunting task. An awesome resource is the sample resume section of the Online Career Resource Centre on CareerZone. The sample resumes are sorted by faculty and program, so I can find a nursing-specific resume to guide me in creating my own. When I am finished, I can bring it in to the Career Resource Centre and someone will go through it with me and offer suggestions to improve it.

    Questioning your envisioned career path?
    I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I change my mind at least once a month. It’s easy to read or hear about a cool job, and decide that is what my career goal will be. A really cool program through Mentorship Plus is “Café Connect.” You basically get to search through a huge list of professionals who have indicated that they are willing to talk to senior students. Get advice and learn about a true day in a life of someone who already works in a job similar to what you are looking at.

    Graduating may be scary, but Brock has you covered!

    Be sure to visit Career Services in the Learning Commons (main floor of the library) for more tips and tricks on how to be career-ready.

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  • This Week in Niagara…August 7, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    Can you believe it’s August already?! The summer seems to be flying and with that, it’s time to pull out the bucket list for summer and see what’s still left to do! This week try:

    • “Project Brew” Niagara College Event – Friday, August 7 from 5:00-9:00pm at the St. Catharines Market Square – Enjoy live entertainment, local food and craft beer made by the graduating class of Niagara College’s Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program. There will be 17 unique craft beers, varying in many styles and flavors – get your tickets here!
    • Peach Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake – Saturday & Sunday, August 8 & 9 from 10:00am-5:00pm on Saturday all along Queen St. (the main street) and Sunday at St. Vincent de Paul Church. Celebrate the peach harvest with band music, street performers, a sidewalk sale of the merchants from Queen St, lots of tasty peach delights from local bakeries and restaurants, and of course local growers selling their delicious fresh peaches!

    Have a great week and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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  • This Week in Niagara…July 31, 2015


    Written by: Sandy Howe

    With hot days, Niagara’s got hot events happening! Check out these must-dos for this week:

    St. Catharines Ribfest – Friday-Monday, July 31-August 3 in Montebello Park, St. Catharines

    Ribfest runs noon-11pm Friday-Sunday and Monday noon-8pmand with an awesome number of food vendors (more than just ribs…BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, cornbread, and the tartest lemonade around!) and great, continuous live music!  This is a great spot to catch some sun, hang out with friends, and have some good food and drinks!  Admission is free, but if you go Friday between noon-5pm, there is a coupon on-line for $3 off your food at any vendor!

    Canal Days – Friday-Monday, July 31-August 3 in Port Colborne

    This festival is an annual 4-day celebration of history and heritage at the Lake Erie shore city of Port Colborne. There will be the kite festival, tall ships, midway rides, good food, fireworks, classic cars, live music and lots more. Join the 300,000 people who check out this great weekend each year!

    10th Annual Art by the Lighthouse – Saturday and Sunday, August 1 &2 at the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre (247 Ricadro St., Niagara-on-the-Lake). This original art show and sale happens rain or shine from 10am-5pm each day.

    Royal Canadian Henley Regatta – August 2-9 at Henley Island in St. Catharines
    Come out to see more than 2,800 men and women from over 150 rowing clubs competed for gold at this Henley tradition!

    Also, I can’t help but squeeze this is in, although it’s not in Niagara but nearby in Buffalo (I’m a bit of a “band geek” at heart!):

    Drum Corps International Tour of Champions – Sunday, August 2 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo

    This event brings an exciting, non-traditional audience experience to a marching band-like show. With special pre-show entertainment, large corps performances, and more talented youth than you can imagine, this is a great experience for just about anyone from music enthusiasts, to those who like to hear a good story. Here is a clip to wet your whistle (LOL)!


    Have a wonderful week and get out to #ExploreNiagara!

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