This is how we RAK

Written by: Coby Fewings

With a couple months left in the school year at one of our Student Life staff training meetings, we were given the 24 day challenge. For this challenge we had 24 hours and $10 to make as much of a positive impact as we could. Below are some examples of what our Student life team did for this challenge.

One group took the ten dollars and split it into change, then they took the change and taped it around the school in different spots along with friendly messages. As a quick example they posted a loonie on a vending machine with a message saying “you look better with a smile on”, this message had quick returns because as the group walked away a student found it and said that it made his day.

Another group looked around campus for different groups around the school they could help, they decided on Rosalind Daycare, right beside Lowenberger. They set out to buy toys for the children at the center. They purchased bought two balls, two puzzles, an air hockey board, a top and a slinky.  There were guidelines given by the daycare – highly recommended that soft toys are not donated.

“Overall, I would say it was a great experience because we finally had an excuse to visit the center and play briefly with a little girl that was waiting for her mom. The staff at the daycare center was grateful for the gifts.”–Group member

The third group used the ten dollars to make a donation to the 5 days for the homeless campaign that was running during the timeline of our challenge. Then they also put together some e-cards for fellow staff with encouraging and friendly rhymes. “The best part about the e-cards was when the staff actually found out that it was something out group did, they look like the cards made them happy”–Group member

This challenge was a great way for groups to come together and do something good for the school/community, it also showed us as a staff how far $10 could go. It is important to remember that even though there is a specific day to RAK there is never a bad time to randomly show kindness to others!

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