The Good, the Bad, and the Goodbye

Written by: Ambika Sangaran

In the past 4 years loneliness had crept into me. I had the chance to live however I wanted, but only because I had no one waiting for me at home. There had been times I wondered, would anyone even realize if I’m to go missing?

There were days I achieved what-I-thought were great things, but, actually, when there was no one to share my joy, excitement, sadness, fears or tears, they didn’t feel that special at all. All of my emotions sometimes basically dying down into loneliness.

But, was that all? Of course not!

Ordering a cup of coffee is easy, isn’t it?

It took me two years to find the magic word: “Double Double”!

Life was pretty good. There were times I biked, walked or hiked with no pre-determined direction. I traveled. I achieved quite a few things. They were good times that I can go on and on about, if you would share a meal or drink with me–most of the stories have yet to be told.

My experiences here have taught me to appreciate what I always took for granted, both the good and the bad.

From loneliness I found community, in fact many communities which welcomed me. Here’s to OPIRG, ECO, ISA, BUSU, BUSAC, SLCE and TREN all of which will be missed dearly after graduation!

Learning the importance of friendship, through my two besties: M and L. You are the reason I survived Brock! I am bidding farewell to you, not knowing whether I will ever meet you again. But, that’s life, isn’t it? The memories will stay!

And to all those people that came into my life, a heartfelt thanks to you, the impact of your support will last a lifetime.

With the end of the year comes a time of reflection. Living on your own, starting somewhere fresh isn’t easy and there will be hard times. Finding the good in the midst of the bad is what Brock and the people I’ve met have taught me.

A learning experience no doubt–thank you Brock, and goodbye!


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