— Recipe for Success

Written by: Alex Pennington-Little

Our beloved Brock University is the centre of student life for nearly 20,000 students. It is also one of Ontario’s most diversified universities, offering programs and majors across a massive spectrum of disciplines. With such a widespread student body, one might expect a segregated, interest-specific pool of student activity. Somehow, we have managed to find ourselves in a united student body. Media, especially local media, is key in unifying any community. Through radio, news, and television segregated members of a larger community can be connected under one umbrella source for pertinent goings-on. Media is essential to our united student body! If you’ve ever grabbed your between-class coffee from General Brock, chances are you’ve seen some Badgers-only information on the big screen. is the largest post-secondary media outlet in all of Canada. The network is student-funded and entirely student-run to give Brock’s community the best possible coverage of what is going on in our community. So many passionate students get involved in as many groups, clubs and societies as BUSU can shake a stick at – so how could we possibly know what’s going on? covers the activity of all student groups. The broadcasts are available online, completely mobile and totally accessible to Brock students. Broadcasts cover all things Badger, from sports and clubs to internal and external affairs, as well as the original programming, hosted and produced entirely by Brock students. It is the most effective, most successful outlet for student body communication – and it connects us all as Badgers. As Badgers, we are all worn out. After yet another full year of essays, midterms, exams, projects, presentations and interviews most of us need to blow off what little steam we’ve got left (and sadly) with what little funds we’ve got left. is throwing a bash, to celebrate us, its own subject matter. Without us, there wouldn’t be much programming – and without them, there wouldn’t be much school spirit.

Isaac’s Bar and the Skybar Lounge are playing host to Brock’s entire student body on Wednesday from 12-4. After a long year of blood, sweat and tears it’s time to let loose all together. The party is offering all Brock students free entry and giveaways. There’s no need to stress about grabbing lunch either – Isaac’s chefs will be preparing featured recipes from the Original program Broke & Hungry, just for us students, and totally free! Besides the free food, there will be featured drink specials from Skybar, as well as live music and an open mic for Brock’s most virtuose students to show their chops. Expect to see the Brock hockey teams on the patio, where you and your friends can test your skills (and test each other) in a shootout with Badger goalies. The BTV Bash is the ultimate student get-together. It is the send-off party for all of us who bust our chops all year long as Badgers. Did I mention – it’s a free party!?

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