Rankin Run Team

Written By: Brian DiCarlo

Rankin Run 2014 is quickly approaching.  If you’re from the Niagara region, I’m sure you’ve already heard of it.  For those foreign to the region, or who have never heard of it, I am glad to explain.

The philosophy of the run is a basic one.  Funds are raised, and then entirely donated back into the Niagara region, with most recipients being hospitals and oncology departments.

This is more than just your average run.  In 2013, the event attracted over 11,500 people, raising $675,000.  Since its beginning 8 years ago, almost $4,000,000 has been raised, making this a huge event for the Niagara Community.
The day begins at 8am registration, and the main run takes place at 10.  By 11:45, the run is completed and a free barbecue will be provided.

This year at Brock, we want to start pulling together our team early.  The run is on May 24th, but we’re starting to recruit now.

Brock Student Life, in partnership with the Brock Running Club, has already started building the team.  If you want to represent Brock University on the Rankin Run team, register at the link below!


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