What is Cope Care Connect?

I’m sure you’ve seen posters on the walls, people in bright green shirts, and the display tables on campus…but you may be wondering, what does Cope Care Connect mean? How does it benefit me? Where can I find Cope Care Connect?

Cope Care Connect is a students-for-students campaign, run in conjunction with Student Health Services; this means Brock University students (just like yourself) developed this campaign in order to benefit you, and Student Health Services is in support of the campaign. So, why is the campaign titled Cope Care Connect? The aims of this campaign include providing students with positive coping strategies, helping them to acknowledge the harmful effects of negative coping strategies, knowing that Brock faculty has a genuine invested interest in you, and providing the necessary means to connect with Brock University staff and the student population. Cope Care Connect was selected because the campaign aims to help students cope, acknowledge that others care about them, and inform them of the importance of connecting with others at Brock University.

The Cope Care Connect campaign aims to benefit all students at Brock University. Developing positive coping strategies and straying away from negative coping strategies, acknowledging resources on campus, and creating friendly networks are relevant to every student during their academic career. With that being said, it is definitely beneficial to have a campaign catered to helping students to cope, care, and connect within the Brock community.

This campaign focuses on improving your empowerment and resiliency through enabling you to develop positive coping strategies, acknowledging norms that all students experience stress and loneliness, encouraging connections between Brock students and faculty members (in addition to realizing that staff do care about your success in university), and finally through providing ways for students to feel as though they are making a positive difference in their peers lives.

The Cope Care Connect campaign is located everywhere around the Brock University campus; there are posters on various bulletin boards, postcards on tables, students promoting the campaign (keep an eye out for green shirts), and display tables located in Guernsey Market and Mackenzie Chown. However, there are some other places you can find the campaign! The campaign has been featured on the 2Day FM app, Snap’d, Brock University radio (103.7 CFBU), Brock Press, and Brock TV. Additionally, you can access information pertaining to the campaign (including contests) on the Cope Care Connect website and Facebook page (www.copecareconnect.ca and www.facebook.com/copecareconnect).

Cope Care Connect aims to reach all students at Brock University through multiple social media outlets, and advertisements around campus. As a students-for-students campaign, Cope Care Connect was developed in order to assist students with the stresses of university. Since this campaign is in its last week, we would like to invite all Brock University students to check out the website, Facebook page, Brock TV and YouTube videos, Brock Press article and advertisements…or even keep an eye out around campus for posters and postcards!


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