Written By: Brian DiCarlo

When people think of their duties as a student, they don’t seem too great.  Pay tuition.  Show up to class.  Keep an average.  Graduate.  Those four things alone make university life seem pretty boring.

One duty that students often overlook is to be an ambassador for your school.  Ok so that sounds kinda weird and doesn’t make sense.  You’re only a student, and you aren’t paid.  How can you be a school ambassador?  Give me a minute to explain.

When someone you know, from wherever you may be from, thinks about Brock, what do they think?  If they haven’t done their research, how can they know about the beautiful campus, great professors, or tight knit community?  The answer is, they can’t.

That is where you come in.  I’m not talking about shameless self promotion of the school (This isn’t Western haha), I’m leaning more towards the subtle things that they will see through your social media and daily life.

This idea of creating a buzz around Brock came to me shortly after publishing my last blog postI was browsing facebook, and saw that same post.  Somehow, my mom had seen it, shared it on her profile and got comments from like 10 of her friends.  Now that may not be the exact audience I was targeting, but it is still effective.

Those other mothers are reading my blog that contained positive comments about Brock.  These are the same mothers who are going to start conversations at their dinner table with phrases like, “Have you heard what they’re doing at Brock”, and “Would you consider going to Brock?”

It doesn’t stop there.  People see you rocking a Brock sweater when you’re walking around your hometown…  Positive buzz for Brock.  You tweet something about how much fun you had at Isaac’s last Thursday… Positive buzz for Brock.  You instagram a picture of the view from the library windows… You guessed it, more positive buzz for Brock.

We love Brock, and we want people to know why.  That is why this week a few colleagues of mine are running the I Heart Brock campaign.  This campaign gives out candy and compliments, while encouraging students to tweet or instagram with the hashtag #ILoveBrock.  We want to know why you love Brock, and we want to share it with others.


Visit the #ILoveBrock booth on your way into Mac Chown, just up the stairs from the front of the school. 10-3 today! (Feb.13th)

If you can’t make the visit, make sure to tell us why you love Brock with the hashtag #ILoveBrock.

Have a great reading week Badgers!

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