Prom Project 2014

Written By: Emily Sigrist

When I found out I was going to help plan and promote Prom Project 2014, I was so excited! I know how important this event is, and yet so over looked.  Graduating high school is a big deal and what better way to celebrate this than with Prom? Unfortunately, many students cannot afford the expensive attire needed to attend such a celebration.  I know so many people who regretted not being able to go to their Prom. When I found out that my sister’s friend might be in this situation I knew I had to do something. My old prom dress was just sitting in my closet, collecting dust. I asked myself, “Will I ever wear this again?” My answer was no.  So many people had already seen me in this dress and there were so many photos of me wearing it all over Facebook. I didn’t need it anymore, but she did.  When I told her she could have my dress for her prom, the look on her face was pure joy! She would now get to experience an event that every high school student should! I was so glad that I could make someone so happy it filled me with joy!

From now until April 23rd, bring in your dresses, suits, shoes, and jewelry to SLIC (MC A-204).  All donations will be used to help send students in the Niagara Region to prom!

Thanks for your help!

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