Valentine’s Day 101

Written by Coby Stalteri-Fewings

For those of you that will be sharing your day with that special someone or maybe taking the next step with a new valentine I will go over some of the tips I’ve been building for over 8 years with my now fiancée.



1. Let them feel the caring and friendship that Valentines should be all about.

2. Surprise them with something romantic you know they will enjoy.

3. Make something simple like a heart shaped card (the effort of making something really shows you care). *Also a good way to save money for cash conscious students

4. Have whatever gift you are giving delivered or deliver it yourself (this shows that extra bit of effort and pleasant surprises go along way).

5. Maybe this year you can forget the gifts, as a student this can be an expense you cannot afford and instead cook your Valentine a nice dinner. See BrockTV’s Broke & Hungry for cheap recipe ideas.



1. If this is not your first Valentines with your Valentine try not to repeat what you did last year. After all variety is the spice of life.

2. Don’t be too practical. I am not saying spend $600 I just mean this is not the occasion to buy your secret admirer a toilet plunger.

3. Don’t overspend, you wouldn’t want to overshadow your partner’s efforts (Another reason why homemade gifts are great).

4. If you find yourself without a valentine this February 14th, don’t fret just treat yourself to a nice relaxing Friday and let the love come to you.

5. Don’t be overly mushy in public settings on Feb 14th this is what gives the day itself and all the love birds a bad name.


And now a couple personal stories of my own personal Valentines success.

Last year around this time I was finishing up midterms and starting to think about my spring break trip to Florida, the first day that we landed into Florida happened to be  the day before Valentines day and I was not sure how to go about surprising my Valentine (Keep in mind this was our 8th Valentines together) we had decided that we weren?t going to get each other anything since we were already spending money to be on a trip. This gave me the perfect opportunity to surprise her, so I got the address of the place we were staying and had flowers delivered on the morning of Valentines. Needless to say she was very surprised and happy.

On the other hand my favourite gift that I ever received on Valentines happened 8 years prior to the flowers in Florida story. My Valentine had put together a photo album of all the memories that had been captured in the first year of our relationship (Maybe the best part was a caption in the back that said something along the line of ?There is empty pages for the many more memories to come?. This gift is a great example of a homemade gift that shows a lot of thought and doesn?t have to break the bank.

These are just a couple of examples of very successful Valentines experiences. Hope everyone has a happy healthy Valentines day!

Signed the benevolent Badger!


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