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Written by Aimee Alderman

Approximately 50% of students at Brock University feel happy almost daily; however, with the help of the CopeCareConnect campaign, the aim is to have 100% of Brock University students experiencing happiness everyday. CopeCareConnect is a students-for-students campaign run in conjunction with Student Health Services. It identifies positive and negative coping strategies, recognizes the importance of effective support systems, and acknowledges the significance of student-staff connections.

The goals of the CopeCareConnect campaign include increasing student awareness of the harmful effects of negative coping strategies, and the importance of positive coping strategies; providing information and resources to connect with Brock University staff and faculty; and help develop connections among peers.

The campaign features themed weeks, with this weeks theme being “Sharing is Caring”. It is important to realize that life is a gift that offers us the opportunity, privilege, and responsibility to give something back. Through sharing with others, and caring about others we can live a more abundant life. Next weeks theme, “Small Things Make a Big Difference,” is regarding different compassion towards others; things like attitude and gestures of kindness, smiling and being supportive. We encourage you to practice some small acts of kindness, and to spread positivity amongst the Brock campus as many times and ways as possible!

 The campaign integrates multiple media components in an effort to reach all students at Brock University. You can view student-made videos on YouTube, partake in contests on the Facebook page, or visit to attain additional resources. You will also see students from the campaign wandering the halls of Brock wearing bright green t-shirts – feel free to speak to them for more information about the campaign!  

To find out about contests, and to post comments about the campaign please visit

For display table locations and time, online resources, and polls visit the CopeCareConnect website at

To watch student videos on mindfulness, coping strategies, and how Brock University students are feeling, visit the YouTube page at

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