What To Do with Your 9 Days of Freedom

Written by Brianne McMillan

There is a short three weeks until Reading Week and for some students this means heading home to visit their families. I am from Northern British Columbia so it takes (at least) three flights to get back home so I hang out here during the shorter breaks. If you’re like me and live far away, you may be staying on campus and wondering what to do with yourself while everyone else is gone. Here are some suggestions for occupying your time.

Check out tourist sites: Last semester I bought some MegaBus tickets for cheap and headed out to see Niagara Falls for the first time and went to Toronto to go up the CN Tower and see the Hockey Hall of Fame. I grew up on the opposite side of the country so I didn’t have the opportunity to see these as I grew up and it was so amazing for me.

Workout: One evening I went for a run on the track and there was barely anyone there. If you like to workout without a lot of people around this is a great time to go.

Get stuff done: I did those little things I had been putting off, such as cleaning my oven, and I didn’t have to worry about it after that.

Do some schoolwork: If you get some of those little assignments done now, you’ll have more time for the bigger ones later on when it comes to the end of the semester and everyone is stressing out over assignments and studying for exams you’ll be able to focus on acing your finals.

Give Back: This reading week I am heading out to South Carolina on a Habitat for Humanity build and according to the Student Life website you can still join the South Carolina Habitat for Humanity trip. Visit http://brocku.ca/student-community-outreach/brock-cares-alternative-reading-week for more information on signing up for this trip.

Relax: I definitely spent some time during the October reading week just hanging out, watching lots of Friday Night Lights, and baking plenty of cookies and consuming them all.

Whatever you do, enjoy the break, after it’s done you have six short weeks until it’s time for exams!

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