The Student Life Experience: Cara

Written by: Cara Eaton

As the second semester starts it is hard to not feel nostalgic about marketing the open positions for Student Life in the upcoming 2014/2015 year. Less than a year ago I felt the stress of finding a summer job, attending the Student Life hiring information session, and submitting my resume and cover letter to the Student Life management team.

As I reflect on my year as Marketing Coordinator, I cannot wait to be on the other side of the hiring process. The most fulfilling part of working for Student Life was gaining hands on experience in my field, and being able to share what I’ve learned with others. Whether it was sharing on our social media, with the other marketers, or now with future Student Lifers, I really enjoy helping others make the best out of their time at Brock.

I feel like I lucked out landing the Marketing Coordinator position at Student Life. When I was applying, I can’t say I knew a whole lot about what the department did, or what opportunities this job could provide. The best part of my job would have to be the autonomy and growth the job and the management team fosters. I was able to decide what projects I wanted to expand on, explore new marketing tools, and gain professional experience and connections in a University department. The freedom to post your own content, to work with community partners, and to gain experience in all aspects of the marketing field are what is so unique to working with Student Life.

As my time with Student Life comes to an end, so does my time at Brock. This is my last semester before I enter the ‘real world’ as a graduate. However, I feel comforted that I have had a year with Student Life completing a dynamic portfolio and making connections that will stay with me for years to come.

The experience, the opportunities, and the people at Student Life are what really have made this final year so amazing. Now, I can only hope to pass the opportunity on and let other students gain their own experiences with Student Life.

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