Juggle Your Resolutions

Written by: Marion Goreski

Go to the gym. Drink more water. Eat healthier. Quit smoking. We all know it’s that time of year where we are pressured to commit to a New Year’s Resolution that encourages health and well-being. Sure, the aforementioned resolutions can contribute to a better physical well-being, but how are they shaping up to your mental health? Forbes says just 8% of people actually reach their New Year’s Resolutions, which leaves a whopping 92% of us feeling like failures. So instead of setting myself up for failure, this year I am saying ‘no’ to setting a New Year’s Resolution, and yes, to learning a new skill- juggling blindfolded. Some may scoff at my skill choice, or think it is a joke but I have my reasons why it is going to benefit me: It won’t impact my self image or other aspects of my life if I do not achieve it. It’s fun, a little silly, and makes myself and others smile. It’s a great study break, relieves stress and increases brain size.

So instead of making a New Year’s Resolution that highlights negative self-image, demands self-improvement or forces intense lifestyle changes, why not choose to learn something new for fun in 2014? We all have enough stress with school already, so it’s time to take time to learn something for yourself. It’s my challenge to you.

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