A Case of the Exam Blues

Written by: Laura Schellenberger

It’s coming close to that time of year where we undo a belt notch, put on our stretchy pants and indulge in some classic home cook meals, and Christmas goodies. Before we have the pleasure to indulge in the bulge we have to some how survive our last minute assignments, and final exams.

This time of year is usually a stressful one for many students. Being in fourth year and having been through my fair share of exam seasons, I have mastered how to stay sane during this hectic time. 

It usually seems that you have so much work to do in so little time and that you should probably just bring your pillow to the library because you practically live there. However, the key to surviving exams is to take mindful study breaks.

Taking an hour or two out of your day to have some fun and relax your mind can do wonders. So, here are some suggestions that I have found helpful to reduce my stress during exam time over the years.


1. Go to the gym

Going to the gym not only helps to reduce stress, but it’s a great way to release some energy. We all know sitting at a cubicle all day can make anyone feel like they have ants in their pants.

2. Christmas Shopping

I often feel like exam season takes away from the jolly feeling of Christmas. Taking some time to go shopping for gifts gets you out of the house and in the spirit of giving. Besides, who doesn’t like shopping? 

3. Playing Wii

I have developed an addiction to Supermario, my roommates on the other hand personally like Guitar Hero. Whatever your preference may be, engaging in some health competition with your roommates over a video game never hurt anyone. Just be careful you know when to call it quits.

4. Coffee Dates

Going out for coffee or lunch with some friends is a great way to escape the books. Having some time set aside for socialization can always leave you in a good mood.


No, checking how many likes you have our most recent Instagram photo or creeping your Facebook newsfeed is not considered a study break. It really doesn’t matter what you do on your study break, just as long as you do something that you enjoy and your somehow interacting with others. Just remember that being mindful during your study breaks is just as important as taking one. Really think about what it is that you are doing on your study break and enjoy it. Leave the thought of school in the library and enjoy your hour or two of freedom. Once you are at home stuffing your belly full of delicious food on Christmas break, your exams and final assignments won’t matter anymore. So don’t let the stress of exams ruin your peace of mind or the Christmas season.

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