I Pledge, Do You?

Written By: Brian DiCarlo

Driving is an integral part of life, and everyday millions of Canadians get into a vehicle.  We go to great lengths to keep ourselves safe on the road such as seatbelts and driver’s education classes. However, with the way that modern technologies are used while driving we are undoing a lot of the good we have caused.

As a driver myself, i know how easy it is to get distracted. I’m guilty of using my phone to text whenever i drive, and it’s a horrible habit that i should definitely stop.

-Texting behind the wheel makes you 23x more likely to crash?                                                        About 80% of accidents are caused by distracted driving

Allstate has started a campaign to raise awareness, and put an end to distracted driving.

–  The idea behind it is that if people participating can go 23hrs without technology, everyone driving should be able to go without technology while driving

The campaign starts at 4pm on November 22nd and ends at 3pm on the 23rd
Click here for more info, and sign up to take the pledge! Be sure to sign up as a group under Brock University!

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