Stranger Talk

Written By: Laura Schellenberger

As I was walking downtown this morning on my way to the Community Care Access Centre, where I volunteer every Monday morning, an older woman asked me for directions to Court Street. It just so happened I was walking toward Court Street so I offered to walk with her.

As we were walking, this woman told me that today was her first day of school. She told me that she had always wanted to go to college, but then life happened and she never made it. So now at age 54, she had decided to go back to school to update her twelfth grade high school English credit so she could finally pursue her dream.

She continued to explain that her children, now all grown up, didn’t understand why she wanted to go back to school, especially at her age. She said, “I’ve always said I was going to go to college, so now I’m doing it!”

I thought this was amazing that I just so happened to run into this woman. Like the rest of my fellow graduating peers, I have been stressing about what I’m going to do next year. I want to do my masters in Global Health, but what if I don’t get accepted? … then what? … am I going to apply for a different program? … am I going to find a job? … travel?… take a year off?…. Someone please just give me the answer!

She made me realize, even if things don’t work out for you right away, or as you planned, doesn’t mean you won’t ever reach your goal. Things have a funny way of working out the way that they are suppose too.

Even though this woman, who was lost and nervous, thought I was doing her the favour by walking her to school, she was really helping me out in a way she will never know.


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