Prepare For Mustachery

By: Coby Fewings

This month which we used to know as November is now recognized by a different name, a name with a simple but clever twist. I am of course talking about Movember. A month that starts with clean shaven gentlemen ends with a collection of mustaches, it may cause some to cringe it may cause others to applaud, but in the end it is all in an effort to raise awareness of male prostate cancer. Last year at this point I was 6 days into the longest facial hair experiment of my life. It was an adventure that lead to laughs, conversations and funny looks and although it was not the best mustache ever grown it was 30 days of growth and grooming. This year I am not growing my stache but I do plan to donate to others who are putting all their effort into growing some hair to make us aware. As a Brock business student I can really appreciate the ingenuity behind the idea of using mustaches as a way to raise money and awareness. Not only is a lot of the marketing built into many participants but something about thousands of different mustaches really seems to create a buzz.

Some of the staches you may see this month include the Dali, Fu Manchu, handlebars and the Horseshoe to name a few.

It is interesting how differently people feel about the growth of facial hair. For some people this is the best month of the year, for others they cannot wait for December 1st and that is not because classes are almost over… No matter how we feel, it is important to have an open mind. Our school has taken on even more Movember spirit this year with more posters, Movember events and even Movember vending machines. The vending machines include razors and other important mustache grooming paraphernalia.

To all those growing mustaches this month, Grow on! And to those that chose not to, or those that cannot, have a great month and enjoy 24 more days of facial hair glory.


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