The Costume Quest


By: Brian DiCarlo

As the end of October approaches, much of my time, conversations, and internet searches have revolved around a single question.


Whether you’re going to a small house party with a few friends, or hitting the bars downtown St. Catharines, everyone wants to have a good costume.

Personally, I have no idea what I’m going to be for Halloween, but I do have a general idea of how to pick one.  I’m here to help you decide on a costume, and give you a few tips on what’s hot, and what’s not.

When picking a costume, you have to narrow down your search.  Decide on a few simple criteria:

·         Theme?

o   Scary, funny, unique, or just an attractive twist on a simple idea


·         Buy or Homemade?

o   Buying your costume is easier, but making one from scratch or materials from the dollar store is cheaper and lets you tailor your costume to exactly what you need


·         Group or single?

o   Going as a group is good for costumes that are easy to duplicate, and are known to be more than one.

 Ex. Going as 5 darth Vaders is odd; however, 5 stormtroopers could work


·         Where will it be worn?

o   Big, bulky costumes DO NOT work at bars.  You will get in the way of a lot of people

o   Skimpy costumes will be cold!  If you plan on being outside for extended periods of time, you may want to rethink the short shorts

o   Interesting costumes will attract attention.  Remember this for bars and house parties to pique the interest of the other party goers.


·         Perceptions

o   Don’t get me wrong with this next one, don’t dress up to suit anyone’s taste but your own

o   I’m also saying that if you have a unique set of tastes, don’t be surprised when people question your costume

o   Don’t expect everyone to know who “that character from that foreign indie film” is

o   On the contrary, if you have a unique costume, that a lot of people wouldn’t understand right away, when you find someone who does it will definitely be appreciated

·         Be tasteful

o   There are a lot of inappropriate costumes on the market these days.  Yea, you know which ones I’m talking about. 

o   A lot of these can be funny, but be wary of who you are in the company of.

o   Your costume choice could be funny, but it may offend some people

Now that we’ve ran through some criteria, I’ll toss in a few ideas to help you guys get started.  If you’re looking to buy something there are tons of websites out there selling various costumes.  If not, keep reading because I have some easy DIY ones.

·         Hippie

o   Tie dye shirt, retro sunglasses, bandana

·         Man in Black (Via Alyssa Berardocco)

o   Dress in full black, sunglasses included.  Bonus points if it is a suit

·         Nudist on strike

o   Wear clothes, and have a sign to show you’re striking

·         Mario Brothers

o   Overalls with a coloured shirt under. Green, red, yellow, purple. 

o   Can’t forget about the 2 evil brothers as well.  Great for groups

·         50 Shades of Grey

o   Go to your local paint store and get swatches of grey paint (They are free!)

o   Stick them to your shirt.  Voila

·         Duck Dynasty

o   Put on your best camo attire

o   Bonus points for having a beard and/or a duck call

·         Detective

o   Trench coat, fedora/newsy cap

o   Add a pipe to get the Sherlock Holmes look

Okay, I know I said that I was going to talk about DIY costumes, but this one is too good of an idea to skip.  This idea has been a favourite of my friends and I for the past few years, and we will most likely continue the trend this year.  Ready for it?  Toddler Costumes!

I can already hear you saying, “But Brian, I’m not a toddler.”  No problem, neither am I!  The beauty of toddler costumes is that they are much cheaper than full sized adult costumes, and can even be found at the dollar store.

So here’s what you do:

o   Go to the store and buy a toddler costume

o   If it has individual leg holes, cut them to open up the center

o   Wear the costume as a shirt

o   Accessorize with the proper pants, hat, wand or weapon  (we just wear jeans)

o   Costume complete! Minimal dollars and effort spent

I hope my blog has helped your quest for a costume.  Remember to be safe, and Don’t Be a Donkey!


If you are available on the 31st, There is a Halloween Fun Run/Zumba, and Trick or Eat.  Both are a great way to give back to the community, while meeting new people and showing off your costume. 


Happy Halloween!

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