A First Year Tradition—Cheap Tuesday

Written by: Cara Eaton

Although having a homework free night seems like a struggle these days, there are still some rituals I justify just as important as ‘studying’. One of these happens to be cheap Tuesday at the Pen Centre’s Empire Theatres. This Tuesday night ritual seems almost nostalgic now as I start my fourth year of school. I can remember first year piling over 6 people into my tiny broken down student car and commuting my whole court down each Tuesday for popcorn and the weekly new $5 movies.

However, there was something different, something unique about these trips. Not only did I have no say in the movie, I also had no choice but to drive almost every week. The trips became a very pivotal routine in our first year, movie choices were selected based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and then critiqued by the film and communicate majors that built the core of my little movie clique.

This tradition now feels very comforting to live out. A break from essays, a break from my apartment, and a break from the late night scene. Cheap Tuesday has been carried out through all four of my years, and although our crew may have become smaller and the trips less frequent- it still feels like the very same experience. It’s something I never expected to find so much comfort in, and it started right in my first year. I now realize it’s important to do these extra things for not only a break, but also as something to look forward to during these hectic school weeks.

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