Parking Problems?

Written by: Cara Eaton

So you’ve got yourself a car eh? You’ve got the freedom to explore Niagara, you’ve got the ability to drive your whole court to the movies, and you can visit friends and drive home whenever you want.  You’ve practically got the whole world in your hands as a University student with four wheels.

So the independence and convenience is a big draw to bringing a car to Brock. The detail that could draw away from having such freedom, is parking. Where do you park your ‘baby’ your ‘girl’ or the ‘love train’ you call your car when you’re on campus?

As an everyday driver, I’d consider myself a parking veteran at Brock. I’ve parked all over campus and had a different lot every year. I’ve experienced all there is to know about commuting and know there’s some strategy in parking on campus. Here are some tips from the lots I’ve come to know all too well.

Residence Parking:

My first year at Brock I stayed in Village Residence, parking in LOT R right beside the daycare. The draws of this lot include being decently close to Village (depending on the court) and the fact that you can leave your car there overnight. The negatives about the lot: Many times cutting through the grass has led to being covered in mud, dirt or snow. Living in Village also means you have a part-time drive way. I’ve gotten away with an hour max of parking here, but as a warning if you park there for any longer the parking police will probably ticket you.

Zone 2:

My second year I spent parking in Thorald…I mean Zone 2. This zone is the furthest, yet cheapest place to park on campus if you’re looking into parking passes. Although this zone can be tricky if you have later classes as they do sell more passes than there are spaces. Make sure you have a really warm winter coat and water proof boots as the walk is an extra five minutes from this zone. Also, beware of the looks you may get if you take the bus from the tower to Zone 2, although I’m not ashamed to say I have done this when the weather is absolutely miserable.


Now in my final year, I’m experiencing the ‘best’ zone a student can get. However, I still find the walk around five minutes extra to class and if you have class later than 9am, you’ll find yourself creating a strategic plan that sometimes involves following people to get a closer spot. Regardless it feels good to be in the zone I once resented when I was in Zone 2.

As for other options, I’ve learned that depending on your course schedule it may be cheaper to spend the $7 a day to park in Lot D. Do the calculations based on how many days you’ll be at the school and see what the best option is for you. The reality is that the luxury of a car comes with both benefits and drawbacks, so as a veteran parker I suggest trying to find the cheapest option that you’ll be able to live with for each semester.

Happy Parking!

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