Tech talk, a Student Addiction

Written by: Coby Stalteri-Fewings

Is our dependency on technology becoming a bad thing? I got thinking about this sitting on the bus my first week back to school. Everyone is sort of off in their own little space/world, we don’t really greet each other, unless accidental eye contact is made or you have met the person in the past. Are we losing our ability to be social creatures? I wonder to myself if this is just a phase or if it will it continue to cripple our previously social nature? I really don’t think there is any easy way to change the course of human nature. We aren’t at this point going to stop using cell phones (smart phones) and go back to having face to face conversation be our number means of entertainment while traveling, waiting etc. Does the solution lay within our younger generation and putting down stricter rules within schools? Will technology eventually all but replace human interaction? All questions I cannot answer but only speculate on. I myself have and use a smart phone frequently, but I feel as though I know boundaries of when to and when not to use it. I also know that without my phone I would be completely capable of getting through everyday life.

Something to try coming from one addicted student to another: I really enjoy the time when I do not have my phone on me, so try taking one hour a day and not even checking the time on your phone, you may find it quite relaxing.

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