Brock Cares Day of Service

Written by: Brian DiCarlo

Three simple words.  Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute.  This trifecta is the essence of Brock Cares Day of Service.

Oh, you’ve never heard of it?  Let me explain.

Across the Niagara region there are a wide range of volunteer opportunities.  The hosts of these opportunities are looking for energetic, intelligent and caring volunteers to help them out.

The Brock Cares Day of Service takes place on September 21st, from 8am-4pm. Volunteer within the community as an individual or a group and help give back with the SLCE!

On this day, we at the SLCE help bridge the gap between volunteer opportunities, and the potential volunteers.

We understand that you, the volunteers, have a variety of interests.  To match the diversity of the volunteers, we have an equally diverse set of volunteering choices.

Volunteer options include:

  • Hospice Niagara
  • Alzheimer Society
  • Lincoln County Humane Society
  • Morningstar Mill
  • Niagara Wine Festival
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • And many more…

Registering as an individual is a great way to get involved and meet new people.  Alternatively, group registration is available.  Bring out your club or groups of friends and give back to the community together!

Registration is now open online.

To find out more info on the other organizations involved as well as how to sign up, visit:


For further information, contact:

Alyssa Berardocco, Community Outreach and Service-Learning Coordinator, Student Life & Community Experience

(905) 688-5550 ext. 6323

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