Your Volunteer Experience

Why Volunteer? Habitually volunteering is thought of as a way to help others, which is true. However, there are endless benefits for yourself that can be often overlooked. Nowadays finding the perfect career for you can be difficult. Volunteering offers you hands on experience in a field of interest and allows you to explore whether a career is right for you. In addition, to get a job, often a degree is just not sufficient. Volunteering with an organization can give you an edge when applying for jobs as experience and the skills learned are invaluable.

From my experience volunteering with a variety of organizations, not only have I narrowed down my possible career options and received training in fields that compliment my learning, but I have networked and created ins for myself after I am finished at Brock. I am going into my third year studying neuroscience at Brock and currently volunteer in a neuroscience lab. I have found this experience to be so helpful for several reasons.  I have realized that I would like to pursue a masters in research, gained lab experience that has made my class labs easier, and I now have a professor to complete my graduate studies with.

One of the best parts is the flexibility of volunteer work, organizations work around your own schedule. Even volunteering a couple times a week can have a huge impact in the lives of others and yourself. Brock University is offering an opportunity for you to find an organization to work with throughout the year in order to gain invaluable experience and skills: VolunteerFEST! Organizations from all over the Niagara region come to VolunteerFEST to engage with students about available opportunities. VolunteerFEST is taking place on Thursday, September 12th, 2013 from 10:00am – 2:00pm in Market Hall. I encourage all Brock students to stop by this free event and explore possible opportunities with a variety of organizations in the Niagara region.

There are opportunities for everyone! Studying science? Check out the opportunities with the Canadian Cancer Society. Looking to become a teacher? The Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara is looking for volunteers to help develop the literacy skills and self-esteem of children. Artistic skills? The Niagara Symphony Orchestra needs your help! Interested in job possibilities after you complete your history degree? The Welland Historical Museum and the Jordan Historical Museum would love to talk to you. Want to travel? Youth Challenge International is offering many opportunities including trips to Ghana and Costa Rica to work with youth!

At VolunteerFEST there is an opportunity that compliments everyone’s interests. Volunteering at school or with an organization is a great way to help others, learn new skills, test out career options, and network. Check-out VolunteerFEST this September to find an organization that allows you to reap the rewards while helping others!

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