20 Tips I Would Tell First Year Me

Written by: Cara Eaton

  1. You don’t get two extra spare credits in university like you do in high school. You need five credits a year for 20 credits to graduate.
  2. You probably won’t be friends with your roommates from first year, even though it seems like it now.
  3. Don’t be scared of your school load first year and avoid any other commitments—otherwise you’ll look back and think…”what did I even do all year”.
  4. Use the free services on campus. Rent iPhone chargers from the library, get your essays edited, find help when you’re sick, and talk to a counselor.
  5. Don’t be worried about making friends first year—look at it this way, everyone is just as desperate for friends as you are.
  6. My first week I got everyone’s number I met because I thought I would need friends on friends. The people overload is common, just chill; you’ll probably never actually hangout with that girl who sat across from you on the bus coming back from Shinerama.
  7. Think about where your broad degrees in Sociology, Business, or Media Communications (like me), will specifically take you. Develop skills you can market to employers.
  8. Getting a job on campus is the best way to take advantage of everything Brock has to offer. You learn about the different departments and all the small efforts that go into making the Brock experience that much better.
  9. Don’t eat at Boston Pizza for the first two years of your university career because it’s convenient and right near the Pen. Explore the culture of Niagara, and eat at local restaurants like that amazing Mexican place on Herzel St.
  10. First year me was terrified of fourth years. Now fourth year me is terrified of the real world. What’s scarier?
  11. Gain experience outside of your classes. Relating experience to your degree is the best way to get a job after university. Volunteering is an easy way to do this; there are always ways to get involved in your department.
  12. First year classes are big, and scary. Don’t worry, by your fourth year you’ll recognize returning students and maybe even have some background stories about them.
  13. Deadlines for essays, assignments, even parking tickets can be negotiated. Be honest, and explain your situation, no harm in trying!
  14. I never thought I’d ever play soccer baseball past grade 9 gym. Next Tuesday the summer soccer baseball league starts. My dreams have come true, and so can yours through noncompetitive intramurals.
  15. Reap the benefits of being a student. You can get away with a lot of things by pursuing them as a student looking to learn. For example I interviewed the head of Communications for an international multibillion dollar company, simply by saying I was a student and I wanted to know more about what he did. This could lead to jobs or insight on your career path, simply with a Google search and a student email.
  16. DO NOT BUY all of your text books on your booklist. Wait an extra week or two, and try and share with your friends. Save all the money you can.
  17. Create a budget. You don’t want to be that annoying friend who can’t go out because they begged their mom for $5 only yesterday to buy a bag of chips.
  18. Sit next to someone different at every one of your seminars. Make some sly comments about the course, your prof or your recent assignment– INSTANT HOMEWORK BUDDY.
  19. Make a calendar with all of your due dates from every class each semester. Then when that one week in October comes where 3 essays are due, you’ll have prepped for your week of craziness.
  20. University doesn’t have to be the best years of your life–but they’re pretty damn good!
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