LEAP is YOUR extended guide to Brock

You’ve made it out of high school, congratulations! You’re probably over the old drama and ready to leave it all behind you. You’re getting ready for the next stage in your life, taking a big step forward and gearing up for university life. For many of you, St. Catharines will be a new city, and you might be living on your own for the first time – there’s so much to think about and plan. Intimidating, right? So, how do you get yourself off to a great start when school starts again in September? How will you get more than just a degree out of your undergrad? How can you get experience and skills that will put you ahead of everyone else, not only when it comes to starting first year, but when it comes time to starting your career? Take a LEAP into your Brock experience!

LEAP (or Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Pride) is an amazing opportunity to get to know Brock, the community here in St. Catharines, and about yourself as a leader. The program will take you all around downtown; introduce you to awesome new people, resources and services on campus; show you some great service learning opportunities in the region—which look awesome on your resume—and help you develop your skills as a leader! Why not get a head start on your university career?

You can register online for the first session, July 5th-6th here: https://www.brocku.ca/leadership-engagement/leap-registration/leap_registration.php

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