From students to students, what the BLCS can do for you…

Tyler Plyley (3rd year BioMed student and current President of the BLCS):

“The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society ( has been, without a doubt, my favourite aspect of Brock University. In the last few years, BLCS has provided me with the resources and opportunities with which to succeed. In addition to the leadership training and ever helpful advice from Aaron House (Manager, Student Awards and Brock Leaders Citizenship Society) and other administration, there has also been ample opportunity within BLCS to build connections with faculty and other members. This has made it extremely easy for me to get involved in a wide variety of events and clubs around campus. In fact, it is difficult for me to try and think of a single Brock club or community event with which a BLCS member, or the BLCS at large, has not been involved. In addition to the opportunities provided, there is also an ever present sense of community within our society. Our town hall meetings are always highly animated, which is impressive considering everyone?s long and often daunting schedules. If I ever have a difficult decision to make, senior BLCS members are continually among the first people I approach for advice. My experience with executive (after serving as Member at Large for two successive terms) has also been extremely positive, and I feel that it has prepared me well for future leadership endeavors. In closing, the BLCS has been an integral part of life at Brock for me, and an experience that I will not quickly forget.”


Jennifer Philpott (2nd year Business student, BLCS member):

“My involvement in the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society ( has been a highlight of my university career. In the BLCS, I have made fond friends, developed my network, and have given back to the community on various levels. This year has been particularly exciting for me, as I had a role on the Executive Council and co-organized a benefit concert with two other university organizations. It is my hope that the Society will continue to establish relationships with other clubs and will expand our presence at Brock as we continue to grow.

I consider it a privilege to collaborate alongside so many talented individuals who share my passion for philanthropy, and I am humbled by the recognition we receive from both the local community and those abroad. I am confident that the skills I have gained as a Brock Leader will prove invaluable in each of my future endeavours. I look forward to the future of the BLCS as we continue to make great strides and Lead the Change.”

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.- Helen Keller

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