Push Yourself to Platinum

Written by Jenn Nurse of Foundations in Leadership @BrockLeadership https://twitter.com/BrockLeadership

In a school with over 18,500 students, sometimes you can feel lost and missing home. Many people in your life such as friends and family will offer advice to help you feel at home at Brock.  The most common message given is to get involved, but the real question is in WHAT and WHEN? The truth is, one opportunity can lead to many and what you learn from each one is essential to your university experience. It does not matter what year or program you are in, just find a way to connect with Brock and the community in a way that makes Brock YOUR home. One program that many students take and find to be beneficial in many aspects of their life is Foundations in Leadership or FiL for short. FiL is about meeting new people and building your superstar skills in a comfortable environment. Learn in a group environment where collaboration, group tasks, and discussions are the tools. It is an experiential learning opportunity that boosts your skills in your cover letter and adds certifications to your portfolio. A recent graduate said, “Completing the Bronze level in the Foundations in Leadership Practicum Series has enabled me to refine and develop new skills that are universal. Each session was unique and interactive which ultimately enhanced my listening and communication skills through the practice of verbal and nonverbal feedback. I can say without reservation that completing this level has allowed me to become more receptive in conversations.” (Stephen Amoah, recent Brock graduate, currently a Co-Founder & CFO of Career City Inc.) FiL has four levels which foster and grow the leader within you. The first level, Bronze as indicated above, helps you when communicating feedback to others and facilitating meaningful conversations. The second level, Silver, guides you through a decision making model, problem solving strategies and how to mediate conflict in a variety of situations. Gold, which is the third level, develops an understanding of group processes, roles and how to structure a group to meet common goals. The final level, Platinum, is about discovering your leadership style and refining your skills to meet objectives.  Each level introduces you to new experiences, memories and people. The practicum is designed around your time because Brock is about YOUR experience. You place your availability in a registration system and we contact you when a course runs during your availability. FiL is the perfect way to get involved because it is a 12 hour commitment which works around YOU and your schedule. You can decide to take the course once a week for 6 weeks or 3 weekends in a row. So why not take a chance and meet a diverse range of friends while building your transferable and employable skills? Start to make meaningful connections in the community and make Brock a place you are proud to call home.


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