A TRUE Orientation

Written by Dixon Block, Leader on brocku.ca/passport

During orientation week at Brock as a first year student, many of the people I talked to spoke of the passport program. With just a swipe of my student card I was entered to win prizes… but that’s not all, the program encouraged me to go to more events and participate in more activities. The Passport program helped me to meet new people and learn about the opportunities at Brock, making my first week a TRUE orientation.

Throughout the year I was able to connect with the Passport program and because of it I had incentive to attend events like job fairs and information stands with different police forces for example.  With the Passport program, not only would I have not gone to these sessions, but I would not have KNOWN about them either. As a child I wanted to be a police officer, so you can imagine how this experience made me think back to my old dreams, and get information on how I could make them a reality. The Passport program has enabled me to make the most of my experience at Brock University!

Cheers, Dixon

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