How Passport Helped Me Get Involved

Written by Theresa Kleisath, Leader on

Brock University’s Passport program has been an awesome program encouraging my friends and I to participate in activities throughout campus during first year. At many events, there is an area to swipe your student card. We thought it was an interesting idea to show us how many events we could attend.

The event that stands out for me was the annual grape stomp. This was an amazing experience where I had the opportunity to share some fun with my new friends. This event happened near the end of September, so we all knew each other by name, but we were still shy. The event caused the shyness to dissolve and allowed us to have fun and play. At this event, which was held in Jubilee Courtyard, there were tons of upper year students, baskets of grapes, and tarps all over the grass.  Going to the event, none of us really knew what to expect other than the fact that we would be required to squish grapes, in honor of the grape culture in the Niagara Region. When we got to the courtyard, we handed in our forms and then swiped in at the Passport tent. Then we all found a tarp together. When the organizers said, “Go!”, I dumped the grapes on the tarp and started to step on them. It was the weirdest feeling, having the grapes squish under my feet. Before long everyone else joined in. Once we started to squish the grapes grape juice was everywhere! Of course, I was the first one to fall and get grapes all over me. My friends thought it would be a good idea to start to cover me with grapes which started the “grape war.”  We were throwing the grapes, rubbing them into people’s hair or shirts, and sliding in it. It was a great feeling to relive my carefree childhood.

That day, the bond between my friends and I grew and became stronger. I think this is what all the Passport events are trying to do, create a stronger bond between new and old friends. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who swiped into the most number of events, it’s the experience, friendships, and memories that come out of these Passport events that are important.


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