The “In-Crowd” at Brock

Written by Brianne Della Savia, Leader on 

I hate grapes! They are sticky and messy and if you leave then out too long they turn into shriveled little old people. Who wants a fruit like that, oh wait? BROCK DOES! Every year Brock holds an annual Grape Stomp to celebrate the region’s wine industry. Students squish and squash a field of grapes to celebrate in a way everyone can enjoy. Ever wonder who is in charge of events like this around campus? Well, it’s Student Life and Community Engagement (SLCE) of course! They hold events year round that promote spirit, community and leadership recording everyone’s involvement through passport participation. All the events I have attended from Brock Cares Day of service, guest speakers and campus concerts and parties are kept track by the swipe of my student card. Plus, there are prizes and promotional activities that keep you coming out for more. It is so easy to be part of the ‘in-crowd’ at Brock! I might only a first year, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting to know my school. I’ve met so many friends and have lasting memories because of what Brock has to offer. Whether you’re interested in being part of a club, sports, music or volunteering, Brock students are always shining and our spirit is never shy! We have such a strong community and every event shows how students are proud to be Brock Badgers! So whether it’s your hate.. or your love for grapes, your passion for sports or music or if you want to meet new people you will find events that fit your interests. As a Brock student, you are in the right place to get involved and just a swipe away from everything that Passport participation has to offer!

I’m looking forward to the competition!

-Brianne Della Savia

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