Finding a Workplace that Works for Me!

Written by Sabrina Parrotta

As you might be aware, Student Life & Community Experience (SLCE) is hiring year.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience of working as part of the SLCE team and encourage you to apply. When I made that decision two years ago, it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made during my time at Brock.

Of course, there are obvious reasons why a position with SLCE would be an ideal student job: working with student leaders (like yourself!), learning more about the Brock and Niagara community, building relationships with Brock staff and community members, and using your own ideas to enhance the student experience at Brock.  Whether it be through planning volunteer events, helping to cultivate leadership within the student body or working toward building a better community on or off-campus (not to mention, the convenience of working on-campus and having weekends off!) a job at SLCE is an ideal student job. But, I have found that there is a whole other dimension to working as a member of the SLCE team that might not be quite as evident.

First, let’s set out the technical details of what I have been up to for the past two years. My focus has been on Community Outreach and Service-Learning Initiatives in the Student & Community Outreach area of the department. This position is project-based and includes planning and executing major projects such as our Brock Cares initiatives, such as Brock Cares Day of Service and Brock Cares: Alternative Reading Week Niagara. In addition to this, I am responsible for the ongoing project of working with our full-time Service Learning Coordinator to plan service-learning opportunities. Since this is a Student Coordinator position, I am also responsible for providing leadership for our Student & Community Outreach team by assisting them with their own projects, planning meetings and supporting the team. If you are the type of person who enjoys planning things down to the tiniest detail, building relationships with new people and watching your ideas come to life, this position is for you! You can view the details about this position here.

If Community Outreach & Service Learning Initiatives doesn’t sound like it’s your thing, I can guarantee there are other volunteer opportunities that will fit your interests and skills. There are a number of positions, including 8 month and 12 month positions, in each of our departmental areas (Student Leadership & Engagement, Student & Community Outreach and Off-Campus Living & Neighbourhood Relations). No matter what you do as a member of the SLCE staff, you will be contributing to positive changes on campus and in the community.

I really want to highlight that working for SLCE has created positive changes in my life.  My work is largely project-based, so starting out I had no idea of how to complete my work without detailed guidelines, which completely threw me off. I had to set my own timelines or make my own to-do lists. It was way too much freedom compared to working as a lifeguard, my previous job. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and I eventually began to understand that coherent directions were sometimes more constricting than productive.
If you are looking for a resume-enhancing job, SLCE is for you. If you are looking to discover new abilities and strengths within yourself, a job with SLCE will provide that as well. There are decisions we make in university that maybe we regret, and I promise, this won’t be one of them.



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