More than just a Job…

Written by Chloe Coyle

Student Life and Community Experience’s focus is to better the Brock community. Before SLCE, I found community to be something that was taken for granted. Community is something that we acknowledge as being ‘there’, but we treat it as if it is unworkable and individual. In reality, and what I have come to realize, is that community is neither immovable nor individual. Rather, it is structured best with the hands of all of its members. Thanks to my position with SLCE, I have realized and have come to adore the fact that I can help the community, as I grow as a student. As well, the community can help me grow as a person in a ‘man eat man’ society.

I began working with Student Life and Community Experience in September of 2012. My job is to educate students of Brock not only about Student Life and Community Experience, but the goals of the SLIC space and how it could help them achieve their goals. I wasn’t sure that being so involved in the community would be right for me, and being a Dramatic Arts student I felt I should look for involvement within my department. Little did I know that my drama skills would be appreciated in the end, as I was able to add an artistic extroverted flare to our projects. I had the chance and continue to contribute this experience through poster design and planning for Prom Project and getting one of my professors to contribute in the Student Leader Summit. I evolved within the first two weeks and came to the understanding that the community was where I thrived. I now have a wider view into the importance of helping the community and have opened my eyes to a world not only of performance, but using my dramatic intelligence to help others. I have a bigger incentive to not only further myself, but also the community I live in. I now hope to work with the Turn Around Project (TAP).

Comparing working off campus and now on campus, I dread the day I might have to find employment off the green grounds of Brock University. I have had a few jobs in the past, but nonecomparable to my role with Student Life and Community Experience. With off campus jobs, I was doing work that was laid out for me, not work that is grown in my mind, watered by the creative process. I not only grew as a person through working in SLCE, but I was given the opportunity to better the community (more so than bagging). I wasn’t alone in this as I have gained friendships with my fellow educators and coordinators.  Although we range from science students to teachers, we manage to fuse ideas together to do good for the Brock community despite our diversity in knowledge.

This blog may sound inspirational but it was never crafted for inspirational purposes. My intent was to simply share a bit of my experience of the Student Leadership and Innovation Commons with you, and so if you happen to feel inspired, I suggest you use this as motivation to get involved with your school and your community. No matter what kind of person you assume yourself to be, or what program you are in or what your interests are you can be a leader. Therefore whatever your life goals are, whether to be a doctor, or a film actress; the community you live and work in can surprise and inspire you.

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