Getting Involved

‘Shared your story BU’ submission by Jimmy Norman

My journey to where I am presently at Brock has been made possible by the previous leaders of Brock University Students Union (BUSU). I came from a high school where I served as President, so I was ambitious to begin leaving my mark on Brock. I remember meeting with Sohail Ahmed, the BUSU President at the time, where he encouraged to me to get involved with BUSAC, which I did. Being on BUSAC, I was able to network with students and represent my faculty with various issues.

It was my position on BUSAC that enabled me to become involved in the elections process at BUSU. Currently, I am the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for BUSU, which gives me the opportunity to interact with many student leaders around Brock. In this role, I have learned that Brock University has an outstanding number of dedicated students who contribute hundreds of hours to make the Brock social, academic and cultural life amazing. It is an incredible representation that Brock students have and the processes and people working for them to ensure there needs and demands are met.

In my role as current CRO, I consistently interact with first-year students, or even those upper year students who are looking to get involved for the first time. It is refreshing to see the steady flow of Brock students who are engaging with their campus and their constituents.  Brock student’s care, and that is the most impressive factor about being a Brock Badger. We care for each other.

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