Blog Update: One Hour Campaign

Written by Adam Venning

Here we are, one month into the One Hour Campaign! It’s great to know that Brock students have been active on and off campus contributing positively to their communities all month. By participating in the One Hour Campaign, we are not only doing important work that may have been overlooked by others, but we are also helping to promote a culture of volunteerism and show others that Brock students care about actively working towards making our communities better places for everyone. Below I have posted just a few updates about how to get involved and how to continue contributing.

As you all know, the One Hour Campaign is an initiative that seeks to register as many students as possible to make a pledge to do one hour of volunteer or community building work every week for the rest of the school year. While many students began in early October, anyone is welcome to join whenever they want to. This is an inclusive social movement that is open to all Brock Students (and even non-Brock students if they are interested). It’s certainly not too late to be a part of this movement. Register here:


If you have been participating in the Campaign, and you want to let others know what cool initiatives you’ve been working on, BUSU would love to feature you in our One Hour blog. We will focus an entire article on your volunteer work and the causes you are a part of. This is a great way to find people to help you with your cause and also to inspire others to get out and make a difference. Please email me (Adam Venning) at

Finally, be sure to check out the One Hour Campaign Article in the St. Catharines Standard here:


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