How Following my Passion Has Changed my Life

Written by Grant Laschowski 

My name is Grant Laschowski and I am a 4th year business student.  Up until earlier this year I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I had passions, interests, and knowledge of my strengths and weakness but no clear cut direction in which I seen my future going in. I started off in Culinary Management at Niagara College, and after that completed a Sales & Marketing diploma.  Then, I enrolled in the BBA program here at Brock University. I have always had a passion for sports, in particular hockey, and a very business and entrepreneurial mindset.  After all this schooling I had completed, I found myself wondering “what am I going to do?” Then, a light turned on and it clicked!
I approached the Men’s Hockey Head Coach, Murray Nystrom, and after 3 weeks of bugging him, he gave me the opportunity to help with the team. A volunteer part time position developed into a full time 35 hour a week position as Student General Manager of the Brock Men’s Hockey team. I knew many things had to be changed and implemented in order to achieve the type of success I had envisioned for the team. Last year, no marketing, business staff, social media, or internal student body and external community engagement existed. I knew then it was going to be a long uphill battle from day one.

My position responsibilities include creating and managing all business staff (Assistant General Manager, Event Coordinator, Media & Communicator Coordinator Game Day Manager). I have executed the directing of three photo shoots and two commercials. I have also obtained three corporate sponsorships, set up business staff, overseen three community outreach functions, and increased social media following by over 300%. I have secured over $5,000 in additional funds for the team, and much more.

I am grateful for the freedom and support that the entire Athletic Department has given me throughout this year as I would not have been able to accomplish half the things I already have without them! I am beyond dedicated to helping improve not only the following and awareness of the Men’s Hockey team but also the business operations that surround the team and Athletic Department.

My piece of advice for anyone not sure of what they want to do in their life would be this: “Follow your dreams and passions as they will propel you to do great things you couldn’t even dream of being possible. The ability to wake of everyday and instantly have a surging drive to improve, contribute, benefit, and change your business or job responsibilities is the greatest gift anyone can ask for. Nothing can replace heart, so that’s where your values, decisions, and guidance should come from”.

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