Trick or Treat! Jack McIsaac’s tips and tricks to get treated with a juicy job offer

By Becky White

Career Services sat down with Jack Mc-Isaac to get his top 4 ways to look for work in the
hidden job market. This is what he said…

Tell everyone about your goals because they know someone, who knows someone…

Refer to Business or Employer Directories
These resources will help connect you with lists of potential employers

Contact Employers Directly
Ask them if they are looking for fantastic people like you

Job Search with Others
Two sets of eyes and ears will notice more of all of those sneaky hidden jobs than just yours!

Now that you have your little plastic pumpkin bucket filled with awesome hidden job market advice, it’s time to dump it all out on the floor and use all of these steps together to make yourself a hidden job search Ninja! Just don’t wear your costume to your interview…

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