Leading Through Dance

Written by Krissa Donahue

Hi Everyone!

My name is Krissa Donahue and I am a fourth year Concurrent Education student in the primary/junior department. As an experienced Brock student, I can say that Brock University has lots of opportunities for students of all ages, interests, and skill levels. I am a member and instructor for Brock Dance. Brock Dance’s executive is the heart and soul of the club by organizing group events, competitions, charity events and a recital. Last January, I started a dance club at a local elementary school to promote physical activity and the arts. This opportunity encouraged me to step out of my ‘Brock bubble’ and to get involved with youth in the community. I am also a Campus Experience Coordinator in the Recruitment and Liaison Department. This is a fancy way of saying ‘campus tour guide/blogger’. I always argue about having the best job on campus because I constantly meet new people, get exercise, share my stories, and promote Brock University!

This month, I initiated a challenge for myself by hosting an event at Westmount Public School on October 25th. The goal of the event is to promote youth leadership. At the school’s assembly, which commences the start of Halloween for Hunger, Brock Dance representatives and I will surprise the students with donated canned food to kick start the school’s collection! During the morning nutrition and recess break, a group of students including the school’s Me to We, will participate in the event. A guest speaker from BUSU, Michelle (Brock Dance President) and I will facilitate a discussion on the importance of leadership – no matter how old you are! Brock Dance volunteers will perform and teach the children a dance for some fun physical activity. Then students will demonstrate how they can be a leader at a craft station. To end the event, healthy snacks will be provided for the students with the support from to Zehrs Pen Centre and Thorold’s Foodland!

This event will be made possible with Samsung Mobile Canada, Brock Dance, Zehrs, Foodland, and the countless of volunteers. If you have any extra canned food around your house, please donate it to charity! I will be at a table at the eye in the Thistle corridor, near Scotiabank, on Monday October 22 from 11:30am-1:30pm and Tuesday October 23 from 2:00pm-4:30pm. To find out more information on the event, follow me on Facebook at Krissa Ann and on Twitter @KrissaDonahue. To join Samsung’s conversation, you can follow them on Facebook at Samsung Mobile Canada.

There are so many ways to get involved in Brock’s community or in the Niagara community! BUSU has taken the next step to encourage students to give back to the community through the One Hour Campaign. For more information, visit this link (http://www.busu.net/get-involved/involvement-opportunities/one-hour-campaign/).



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