My Badger Bucket List

Written by Ryder Damen

What up my badgers? My name is Ryder, and I am in my 3rd year of Biomedical Science at Brock University. I’m currently away on exchange in Australia, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted to share with you an easy method to getting more out of Brock than what BIOL 1F25 or PSYC 1F90 can teach you.


When I started my 3rd year, I had this mid-university-life crisis, where I realized that I really only have one year left at Brock. So I made myself a list of things I wanted to do, and called it my Badger Bucket List. I posted my badger bucket list on my Facebook notes, so that my friends could see and help me accomplish it… and so that I couldn’t go back on anything I’d agreed to do.  As an example, I’ll give you the list of things I’m planning to do as soon as I get back to campus, which I’m adding to all the time:


  1. Hold the Tarzan-rope-grabbing-hook at the Brock pool.
  2. Climb to the 13th floor of the Brock tower using only the stairs.
  3. Attend the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival.
  4. Check out the underwater window at the bottom of the Brock pool.
  5. Participate in the Annual Grape Stomp (why haven’t I done this yet?!)
  6. Go on a Niagara Wine Tour.
  7. Have a KFC picnic (blanket and everything) on the lawn outside the zone.
  8. Play manhunt in Mackenzie Chown.
  9. Play one game of underwater hockey.
  10. Go in the Brock Tunnels. (Very jealous of the BrockDays tour)
  11. Go swimming in the Walker Courtyard fountain, in the afternoon on a weekday, with friends.
  12. Spend one day going to every class barefoot.
  13. Wear nothing but Brock clothing for 1 week straight.
  14. Run for some form of BUSU office
  15. Be on a “Both Sides of the Brain” campaign poster

So I hope to see more badgers making their own “bucket lists” with everything you want to do on campus before you leave here. Who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you swimming in the Walker Complex courtyard fountain with me. Remember, Brock is what you make of it.


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