Intramurals, an ACTIVE way to get involved!

Written by Tanner Wilson

During my tenure as a Brock student I have always been interested in getting involved in the wide range of extracurricular activities that Brock has to offer.  There are over 70 different clubs at Brock which all students can get involved in.  Whether it is dance class, zumba, improv club, intramurals, ski/ snowboard club, or a variety of councils, there is something for everyone!  In my opinion everyone should take the opportunity to get involved in something at Brock to make their university experience the best it can possibly be.

My experience at Brock has consisted of a strong involvement with the intramurals side of the extracurricular activities.  Through this experience I have made many new friends and found out about different sports that I have never heard of.  Intramurals has a wide variety of sports that can adhere to the interests of every athlete at Brock.  These sports include anything from soccer, volleyball, football and hockey, to lesser known sports such as inner tube water polo, broomball, underwater hockey and many more. At Brock, I have played sports that I love but I have also participated in several sports that I have not had the opportunity to play before and don’t have much experience in, such as broomball.  At first, I was hesitant about playing new sports but after trying them out, I had so much fun that I wanted to continue playing and even put together a team of my own the following year!  I really encourage everyone to get involved in the different recreation opportunities that Brock has to offer. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an up and comer, there is a different sport and level for everyone.

Registration begins Thursday September 13th and closes Wednesday September 19th for fall sports. Visit the intramural office, located in the Walker Complex near the Welcome Desk for answers to any questions or for more information.

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