Back to School Basics with CATSA

Written by: Cassie Hendry

September is right around the corner and that means it’s back to school time at Brock! But before hitting the books, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), the people who handle airport screening, has a few tips for those flying back to campus to make sure we all get a passing grade at the airport.

Travelling with electronics

Electronics will pass through security quickly if you take your laptop out of its case and put it into a bin to be screened. Tablets, cell phones and music players are safe to fly, but to keep everything organized, store them in your carry-on bag during security screening. Keeping these items packed helps you get through security faster. But remember, if you are using your smartphone to show your boarding pass, don’t pack it away! Have it handy to show to the screening officer.

Pop quiz

Did you know you can check security screening wait times in advance? Get your smartphone ready and check times for each major Canadian airport online or through CATSA’s mobile app.

Bringing Mom’s cooking back to school

Home-cooked meals from Mom and Dad get an A+, but what’s even better is that you can bring them with you! Solid food like breads, cookies, cakes and fruit can fly without volume restrictions in your carry-on bags, but liquid and gel-based foods like soups, sauces and jams need to be checked if they’re more than 100 ml.

Do you think you can ace airport security screening now? For more information that will help you pass through security with flying colours, visit or CATSA’s twitter feed (@catsa_gc) and Pinterest page.

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