LEAPing into Brock: Nikki

Written by: Nikki Lee

With all of the excitement of university approaching, I was anticipating the start of the new chapter of life. Going to a new school and starting fresh can be frightening, but I was able to “LEAP” into the school spirit by attending the “Leadership Engagement Achievement Pride” program.

By attending, I got an amazing vibe from the school, familiarized myself with the campus, and met amazing people who I am excited to start my journey with at BROCK. Overall I had a fantastic time and it got me even more pumped for 1st year.

This program enhanced my leadership skills significantly as well. There were so many fun filled activities increasing team building, academic integrity, and social skills.

Not to forget…THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! The first night we went downtown for dinner, and ate at an incredible Italian restaurant that I will certainly be returning to. It gave me a taste of the delicious meals I will be enjoying next year. As a group we explored downtown, and had the chance to get to know the area and seek out the best restaurants and places to go. I am so thankful that this program gave me the opportunity to discover my love for the city of St. Catharines.

The program leaders were so welcoming; by the end all the campers and counselors were all a BIG BROCK FAMILY! LEAP was my first step as a Brock Badger, and I am even more excited for September. Thanks for the memories!

xo Nikki

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