Surplus Asset Q & A

Surplus Asset Q & A

What are Surplus Assets?

Surplus assets are property of Brock University that a particular department no longer uses or requires. This includes computer equipment, furniture, electronics, vehicles, lab equipment and any other item paid for by Brock University.

What do I do if I have a Surplus Asset?

If you have a surplus item that you are no longer using, it must be dealt with through the process outlined in the SURPLUS ASSETS REPLOYMENT AND DISPOSAL POLICY. Click here to visit the surplus assets and reployment site.

Can I buy the item to take home?

Brock Surplus Assets Policy states that items should be re-deployed within the University when possible. Item’s not re-deployed, but still deemed to have value are sold on the District School Board of Niagara on-line auction. You can register yourself and bid on any item that you want. Click here to visit the surplus assets and reployment site.

What do I need to do?

The first step is to completely fill out a Surplus Asset form for the item. Again this can be found under the Central Purchasing department on the Brock home page. The form should be signed by the Dean or Department Head. Once complete the form should be sent to Kevin Lawr in Central Receiving .

After I have sent the Form, What happens next?

Kevin Lawr or Chuck MacLean will come to asses the Surplus item and determine the next step. If the item is determined to be garbage, arrangements should be made by the department to dispose of it. If the item is determined to have value or of potential use to another department, arrangements will be made to re-deploy or sell it. The item should remain in the department until final arrangements for it have been made or special arrangements have been made with Chuck MacLean or Kevin Lawr. SURPLUS ITEMS SHOULD NOT BE LEFT IN HALLWAYS.

How long will I have to wait?

We will try to respond as quickly as we can to all requests. Normally someone will come to view the surplus item within a few days. Depending on the assessment of the item, several arrangements may have to be made to dispose of it, which, could take several weeks. In exceptional circumstances, when space is a problem, special arrangements for temporary holding MAY BE available through Kevin Lawr in Central Receiving. Because this process does require much planning time, it is recommended that you begin the Surplus Process at least four weeks in advance of when items absolutely need to be removed.

Will I get money for my Surplus Asset?

When an item is re-deployed to another department within the University, in most cases, no compensation is given. Brock property is simply being transferred from one department to another. In cases in which compensation is agreed to a transfer of funds will be made. If your item is sold to the public, your departmental account will be credited with the sale amount, minus any costs associated with the actual selling of the item.

I have a Question!

If you have any questions regarding Brock’s Surplus Asset Policy, please contact Kevin Lawr at ext. 3511 or Chuck MacLean at ext 3746.